• 4 Ways to Look Your Best with Home a Water Softener

    When it’s time to look your best, what is the one thing we all start with? Hot showers are the number one most common way to freshen up, clean off the daily grime, and refresh ourselves for the events ahead. Water is such a big part of our daily lives, but most of us rarely think about a water softener. In order to truly prepare for a day of work or a night on the town, you want to take the time not just to wash, but lightly exfoliate taking special care to scrub your face with cleanser and then rinse with pore-freshening hot water. A hair wash with shampoo, then conditioner, with thorough rinsing before, during, and after is equally important and you take your time to work the shampoo into your scalp for maximum benefit. However, what happens when you step out of the shower only to realize that after all that effort, you feel itchy and your hair is still stiff with something the shampoo could not handle.

    Have no fear, the problem isn’t you, it’s your water! If you’ve been noticing dull, stiff hair and flakes of white residue in your bathtub, your house probably has hard water and a filter set on the kitchen tap just isn’t enough. The only way to get back that perfect clean shower is with a home water filtration system that serves the whole house. Not yet convinced? Here are four great reasons why home water filtration will help you look your best.

    1. Lustrous Hair

    If you’ve been wondering why your hair doesn’t feel clean, no matter how much shampoo you use, the answer is in the water. Check out that flaky film on the walls of your shower and sides of your bathtub. That’s a build up of the calcium and magnesium in your water supply, making the water ‘hard’, and the residue itself is known as ‘scale’. When the particles hit something, they tend to stick while the rest of the water washes away, but it doesn’t just happen to the shower walls. It sticks to your hair as well and every time you rinse, more particles attach, causing that coated, dull and easily tangled effect.

    When all the water in your home is filtered, your shower will regain it’s ability to really get you clean and stop depositing scale all over everything. Finally, with silky soft water, a single round of shampoo will restore your hair to healthy, lustrous locks that flow smoothly through your fingers,

    2. Fresh Skin

    Dry and itchy skin after getting out of the shower is a good sign that there is chlorine in the water flowing out of your taps. Yes, chlorine as in what you shock swimming pools with. This means that rather than refreshing your skin, every time you take a hot shower it’s more like taking a dip in the pool. With filtered water, your skin will soon regain the clarity and moisture needed for happy, healthy skin.


    3. Soft Clothing

    That same residue that was building up on your tub and hair is on your clothes in the washing machine as well. Clothing washed in hard water comes out stiff, still dirty, and even sour because the flake serves to seal grim in instead of washing it out. This is another great reason that faucet filters simply aren’t enough. When filtered water flows into your washing machine, your clothes will soon be luxuriously soft and completely clean once more.

    4. Healthy Glow with a Water Softener

    There are a lot of particles suspended in your water that, while not harmful in small amounts, are still not good for you over time. From chlorine to residual organics, a home filtration system can ensure that you drink nothing but pure, clean water. This can improve both the flavor and quality of your water, helping you to stay hydrated and regain your healthy personal glow.

    When you have a water softener that filters the water in your home before it hits the tap, you are saving every cleaning action you take from that dreaded flaky buildup and potential harmful side effects of the non-water residual particles in your pipes. Soon, your hair will  be more lustrous, your skin healthier, and your clothes will look and feel better. When your friends ask you about your new beauty tips, imagine their surprise when you tell them it’s a piece of equipment in your utility closet. For more information or to consult on installing a water filtration system in your home, contact us today. Bringing you clean water is our business.

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