• How Often Do I Have to Add Salt to My Water Softener?

    Salt inside of a brine tank (water softener)

    Water softeners require periodic salt replenishment. The frequency of salt replenishment in your water softening system has a lot to do the size of your brine tank, as well as how many people are in your house, how much water you use as a family, the efficiency of your appliances, and the hardness of the incoming water. The more people you have in your house, the more frequent your water softener system needs to regenerate and, consequently, the more frequently salt will need to be added. A visual inspection of your brine tank will reveal whether or not you need to replenish the salt. If the salt looks wet or you see water in the bottom of the tank, it’s time to add salt.

    Another thing that will impact the frequency of your salt replenishment is the type and/or age of your water softener. A more modern metered system will keep track of the volume of water used in your home and will regenerate automatically according to the amount your family has used. For example, if you and the family are away on vacation for two weeks, water usage will be negligible and the system won’t regenerate. Conversely, an older mechanical system will flush on schedule regardless if you’ve been away and can obviously reduce your salt content more quickly.

    In either case, the best way to make sure you’re getting optimum results from your water softener is to have a Passaic Bergen Water Softening expert conduct a hardness test on your home’s water. A free water test will determine the hardness of your water and will help us accurately calibrate your softener based on how many people are in the household and the efficiency of your appliances.

    In addition, the product manual that came with your water softener provides a table of salt dose and backwash frequencies. Refer to it if you want to check the table or generate your own salt dose numbers. You can click here for pdfs of the water softener manuals Passaic Bergen Water Softening sells. Or, for added peace of mind ask us about our available salt delivery services and maintenance contracts.

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