• What Do I Get from Installing a Water Softener in My Home?

    When hard water is running through your taps, you get used to living a slightly lower quality of life than other people. It’s not obvious, but the effects of hard water on a home subtly make life more difficult and decreases the quality of almost everything it touches. Not only do you have to clean the residue off everything but hard water can damage your hair and skin, clog pipes, and even harm your water-using appliances. The natural solution to hard water in your taps is a whole-home water softening unit ensuring that not a single faucet, toilet, or shower head in the house runs hard water again. Before doing so, many people wonder what life will be like with a water softener, what parts of their daily lives will change with soft water versus what won’t. To give you a better perspective, we’ve put together a small list of ways you’ll find yourself enjoying a new life without hard water.

    No More Scrubbing

    Remember that white, scaly residue that built up on everything around where your water has been? These are mineral deposits left by hard water which was holding too many minerals and they are a pain to scrub off. Often, it takes vinegar and a lot of elbow grease to get rid of spots that will only come back the next time you run the tap.

    After installing a water softener, your last scrub gets to be your final scrub of the bath tub, sinks, and toilets because the water will now lack those deposit-creating minerals.

    Softer Clothes

    Of course, scale doesn’t just drop onto counters and porcelain, it gets into everything the water touches including your clothes. Hard water can make it more difficult for your washer to get clothes clean and for your dryer to dry them. This means that your clothing may have become stiff or even smell off as a result. After you change over to a water softener, try running a few loads and experience the difference between washing with hard and soft water.

    Lustrous Hair

    Over time washing in hard water, most people’s hair becomes dull and more limp than usual from the constant exposure to mineral-heavy water. People who can keep their hair looking great while living in a hard water house are few and far between but with soft water, anyone can rock out. Give your hair a nice long luxurious shampoo and conditioning. When you rinse out the product and dry your hair, you may be surprised just how much life and shine has come back to your locks.

    Clear Skin

    While it’s not true for everyone, some people have a bad skin reaction to washing their faces in hard water. The mineral deposits that build up on everything will start to clog up the pores causing breakouts which are hard to stop for as long as you have hard water. Once you have a water softener installed, you will finally be able to wash your face without fear that the soap and water itself are causing the problem.

    Fewer Drain Clogs

    Consider what happens over time as scale-leaving water flows through your pipes. Those tiny deposits start to pile up and soon your pipes are effectively narrow than they should be because of this and therefore more easy to clog.  Once you start running soft water, this water flow will begin to break up some of the buildup and your pipes will return to a much less likely to clog state.

    Longer Appliance Life

    As our final note on how your life will change when you install a water softening unit, don’t forget that several appliances need water as well. By running soft water, you save their hoses and vents the damage of scale buildup and it’s likely that your appliances will last significantly longer than others because you’re taking good care of them.

    Hard water is bad for almost every aspect of your home and household. From clogging pipes to causing breakouts, there’s no reason to let the situation stand. With a whole-home water softening system, you can save everyone the hassle and significantly increase your quality of life with one simple decision. For more information about water softening, contact us today!


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