A Name You Can Trust

At Passaic Bergen Water Softening, our quality control standards are the highest you’ll find anywhere. Experience is everything: our technicians are among the best in the water industry, with years of experience behind each and every one of them. Since 1954, your satisfaction is always of paramount importance.

Our Goals Are Simple:

  • Educate the public about how water quality affects the quality of life;
  • Diagnose each customer’s water problems with absolute care, integrity and accuracy;
  • Provide each consumer with excellent service and support;
  • Advise customers as to the best equipment available to treat their individualized water needs; and
  • Do it all at affordable prices.

About Our Owners

Joe MurinoJohn PalmieriBest friends for 30 years, Joe Murino and John Palmieri took jobs together at a water conditioning company right out of school. Although they both started off as salt delivery drivers, they each enjoyed the daily challenges of learning everything there was to know about the industry.

Through hard work that impressed their bosses and customers alike, Joe and John moved steadily up the ladder of the business, through various steps of service and installation for residential, commercial, and large-scale industrial equipment.

Then in 2004, after 15 years of working in the field, Joe and John had an opportunity to purchase a water softening company with some 400 accounts and just one service truck.

As it turned out, the same work ethic and customer commitment served the two partners as well in running their business as it did when they were just starting out. Within eleven years, they are handling almost 11,500 customer accounts, served by a fleet of vehicles on the road.

Their success is based on honest business practices, value-based sales, great one-on-one customer service provided by a knowledgeable and friendly staff — and most importantly of all — getting it right the first time. That’s something which is so important to each and every customer, yet so hard to find these days.

As a matter of fact, Joe and John still love a challenge. Living up to the standards which they have set for themselves and their company is a challenge they take very seriously, every day.