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Water Softener FAQs

Everyone has questions about the quality of their water, and Passaic Bergen Water Softening has the answers. Just remember, the best way to get an accurate diagnosis of your water quality is to have one of our technicians pay you a visit and run a comprehensive battery of tests. If you don’t see your questions answered, feel free to use the form at the bottom of this page to enter your query and a Passaic Bergen Water Softening expert will be in touch to provide an answer.

Passaic Bergen Water Softening serves a wide area covering all of northern New Jersey, including Passaic County, Bergen County, Morris County, Sussex County, and Essex County. We have residential and commercial customers in all of these areas who count on us to keep their water sparkling clean and comfortably soft.

If you’re in the 908, 973 or 201 area codes chances are pretty good that you’re within our service area. The only way to be certain that we can help you is to contact us!

Not at all. This blog will help you to better understand the amount of sodium/salt after adding a water softening system to your home. Read more.


There is only a minimal increase in sodium. Salt is essential to regenerate the resin inside the tank, and after regeneration the salt water is rinsed out through a drain line. The ion exchange process adds a small amount of sodium. The amount of sodium in one 8 oz. glass of softened water is less than the sodium in one slice of bread. The exact amount of sodium will vary depending on the hardness of your water.

Enjoy all of the benefits of softer water with the peace of mind of knowing that your sodium intake is negligible. Contact Passaic Bergen Water Softening today for a FREE water test and taste what you’ve been missing.

Soft water does feel a bit different. But that’s the way it should be. Soft water does not contain the two minerals that contribute most to hardness: calcium and magnesium. These minerals adhere to your skin, stripping it of its natural oils. It is often necessary to make some adjustments to your routines after installing a water softener, such as using about half your usual measurement of soaps, detergents and shampoos. If soft water is difficult to get used to, hard water can be blended back in and gradually reduced.

There’s only one way to know if softer water feels better, tastes better, and
performs better in your home – add a water softening system from Passaic Bergen Water Softening!

Contact us today for a FREE water test and taste what you’ve been missing.

Hard water contains minerals; specifically, calcium, magnesium, and iron, which can dry your skin. Minerals drying on the skin can clog pores and cause flaking and itching. Hard water also tends to react with soap to form salts, which can also remain on the skin. As a result, you may feel like your skin seems tight right after showering, bathing or washing. Dry skin is also characterized by chapping, flaking, cracking, dullness and even wrinkles.

Hard water will also force you to use lots and lots of expensive soaps, shampoos and detergents. This can result in the stripping of skin’s natural, healthy oils. Stripping your skin of its natural oils can create problems for people with sensitive skin or those with skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis to name just two. While there is no proven direct correlation to hard water and skin problems, there is little doubt that hard water can exacerbate these issues.

About Eczema

Here is some additional information about eczema and the benefits of water softening. Read more

Do your body and hair a favor, and save a few dollars on soaps and detergents, by converting to a skin softening water system. Contact Passaic Bergen Water Softening today for a FREE water test and feel the difference you’ve been missing.

Just the opposite. The sodium discharge has been found to bring the bacterial environment necessary for waste breakdown closer to an optimal range than in lower sodium systems. Essentially, water softening supplies the ideal conditions favored by the bacteria necessary to keep a septic system running smoothly.

Remember…Softened water is septic safe! Enjoy all of the benefits of softer water with the peace of mind of knowing that your septic system may actually perform better. Contact Passaic Bergen Water Softening today for a FREE water test and experience the difference.

Hard water is easy to spot. That’s what leaves the ring around your bathtub. Hard water is made up of certain minerals and soap. It collects as a scum on your shower walls, it clings to your hair and clogs your skin’s pores, and it makes household cleaning more difficult. Hard water deposits also can clog pipes and cause water heaters to operate inefficiently, and it can increase the frequency of costly maintenance on dishwashers, washing machines and similar appliances.

Remedy: Water hardness is corrected by the use of a water softener/conditioner. The hard water passes through a tank containing resin beads holding “soft” sodium ions. The “hard” calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged for sodium ions, thus softening the water. When the beads have trapped all the hardness they are able to hold, the unit is regenerated (recharged) with salt brine to replace the hardness ions with sodium ions. The unit is then ready to soften water again.

Hard water is easy to fix when you have the professionals at Passaic Bergen Water Softening working on the job. We’re hard on hard water! Contact Passaic Bergen Water Softening today for a FREE water test and feel, see and taste the difference you’ve been missing.

Check out our video on Hard Water Limescale

Acid water cannot be detected by the water’s appearance, feel or odor. Its symptoms however, are very apparent in the home. Acid water, in conjunction with copper fittings and fixtures, can cause blue-green stains on plumbing fixtures, and can eat away at chrome faucets, fittings and pipes. It can corrode china and glassware, as well as water-using appliances. A water-testing professional can test for the exact degree of acidity in your water supply.

Remedy: Slightly acidic conditions can be controlled by running water through a filter tank containing a neutralizing compound. More extreme conditions can be controlled using a chemical feed system that injects a liquid neutralizer into the water. Also, a phosphate feeder can be used to coat all water-bearing surfaces with a film that helps eliminate acidic damage.

Don’t let acidic water ruin your home’s pipes and plumbing fixtures. Have a Passaic Bergen Water Softening professional conduct a Free test and evaluation of your home’s water quality. Contact Passaic Bergen Water Softening today and experience the difference.

Iron water is easy to detect. It may leave iron stains on sinks, clothing and linens, or it can form scale in pipes and water-using appliances that make your water look and smell bad. A Passaic Bergen Water Softening water-testing professional can determine how much iron is present in your water and which type of iron it is. For example, there is:

  • Clear water iron – water is clear when drawn from the tap but turns red after standing for a time as the iron mixes with the air and oxidizes.
  • Red water iron – water is red when drawn from the tap. The iron has already oxidized in the ground, well, or water system.

Remedy: Small amounts of clear water iron can be corrected by a water softener. Red water iron and larger amounts of clear water iron can be controlled by running the water through a filter containing an oxygen-rich mineral/environment. The iron is then oxidized into solid particles that can be trapped in the filter and washed down the drain.

Send iron water packing! Contact Passaic Bergen Water Softening today for a FREE water test and feel, see and taste the difference you’ve been missing.

If you live in northern New Jersey, chances are you may be, or have, experienced signs of high levels of chlorine in your water. Left untreated, excess chlorine in drinking water has been linked to asthma, eczema, bladder cancer and even heart disease. If you notice the following symptoms in your home, you should contact Passaic Bergen Water Softening:

  • chlorine smelling water
  • chlorine or bad tasting water
  • faucet filter not eliminating the chlorine taste or smell

We offer a FREE water test that will identify if the levels are safe. Then we can recommend which method or product best fits your needs. Use the contact form below and a Passaic Bergen Water Softening associate will be in touch about setting up a convenient time for us to help you.

Learn More About Chlorine in Your Drinking Water Here


Say ‘good-bye’ to smelly chlorine water and poor quality water.

Passaic Bergen Water Softening is northern New Jersey homeowners’ trusted choice for turning problem water into high quality water that is better for you, your family, your home, and your plumbing infrastructure.

We’ve treated the tough water problems in Wayne for over 50 years, and we’re fully committed to providing our customers with the best service in the business. If you suspect problems with the quality and purity of your water, you owe it to yourself and your family to contact us.

Be sure to take advantage of our FREE water test. It’s the best way to find out exactly what’s causing your water problems. Call 973.697.6055 or just bring a water sample into our Wyckoff or Newfoundland retail store.

Please complete the following form and we will reply promptly.

Tastes and odors in water do not cause physical problems in the home but they can be very objectionable to people. Tastes and odors are caused by many things including chlorine, chlorine compounds, decaying organic matter, and/or dissolved gases or minerals. The presence of hydrogen sulfide, which tastes and smells like rotten eggs or sulfur, is caused by decaying vegetation, oil deposits beneath the Earth’s surface or some types of iron bacteria.

Remedy: Common tastes and odors can be treated by a tank filter containing activated carbon which absorbs the tastes and odors. Minor problems can be treated by a single-faucet filter. Tougher taste and odor problems require professional attention, which may include an automated water data collection system to monitor water quality. It’s the best way to be sure your water is pure and safe for your family.

Smelly, bad tasting water is not something to ignore when it comes to the health of you and your family. The pros at Passaic Bergen Water Softening have the experience to diagnose and correct virtually any water problem imaginable. Contact Passaic Bergen Water Softening to have our professionals conduct a FREE test and evaluation of your home’s water quality.


We do not advise using a plumber, no matter how trusted or skilled, to tackle your hard water problems. We get calls every week from people who used a plumber or another water softening company to install water softening equipment, which we then need to fix, adjust or replace at added expense to the customer. Saving money means hiring the right professional to fix it right the first time. In fact, asking your plumber to address your hard water problems is a great way to ruin your relationship with your plumber!

Why take a chance on an incorrect installation of your water softening system? Contact Passaic Bergen Water Softening today and experience the difference.

Yes it does. Testing for hard water, iron water, acid water, as well as remediation and installation of water treatment products are all specialty jobs. These jobs are not suited to the skills of your local plumber or jack of all trades. Our technicians are highly-trained, experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of the quality and range of our very affordable product selection. It is this level of service that has allowed Passaic Bergen Water Softening to serve the North Jersey area for over 50 years.

Here are some things to consider. Click here.

Hiring a Great Water Softening Co

Why take a chance on an incorrect installation of your water softening system? Contact Passaic Bergen Water Softening today and experience the difference.

We certainly do. It’s always a good idea to check with us before you invest in a system because we can often do it better for less. Whether it is a Passaic Bergen Water Softening unit or a competitor’s, we will fix your problems quickly and efficiently.

Great service is second nature to us. Count on Passaic Bergen Water Softening for all of your service, parts and salt replacement needs. Contact Passaic Bergen Water Softening today and see what great service is all about.

There are quite a few water companies out there who will promise you that their salt free water softener will work better than a salt-based system, plus save you money because there’s no salt to replenish.

But the facts don’t bear that out. While Salt Free Water Softeners are indeed salt free, they do not soften water. In fact, if you look closely at their literature, companies that sell these products even admit as much: Their products do not correct hard water. Plus, they are significantly more expensive than salt-based systems to install.

Salt Free “Water Softeners” are more accurately known as descalers. A descaler doesn’t actually remove dissolved materials such as calcium and magnesium like a water softener does, rather it prevents them (as long as the water is flowing) from being deposited on the inside of your pipes, dishwasher and washing machine. The water that exits your faucet or shower head is still “hard”. And in places where water sits, such as your hot water heater, coffee pot, furnace, etc. limescale will still form. Which means you may have saved a few dollars on salt, but you’ve greatly compromised the life expectancy of some key household appliances.

Looking for Additional Information? Read More…


Bottom line: don’t fall for the empty promises made by salt-free water softener installers. Only a salt-based system from Passaic Bergen Water Softening will do the job that needs to be done…the right way! Contact Passaic Bergen Water Softening today and experience the difference.


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