Eliminating hard water problems is not only smart, it makes good business sense.

Passaic Bergen Water Softening has installed water softening and filtering systems for dozens of commercial and retail businesses throughout northern New Jersey. We’re the first choice of experienced plant managers, owners and commercial property management professionals when it comes to hard water elimination. These pros know the extent of the damage mineral deposits from hard water can have on boilers and plumbing infrastructure, and the extreme costs associated with replacing these systems.

Select commercial clients of Passaic Bergen Water Softening.Commercial Water Softening Clients of Passaic Bergen Water Softening

In addition, dining establishments rely on softened water to leave their glassware, cooking and eating utensils spot free. And retail food markets want to keep their mist sprayers free of crusty mineral build up, as well as powdery spotting on glass cases in the fresh produce section.

That’s why national retailers such as Nordstrom, Wendy’s, Dunkin’ Donuts and IHOP, and regional businesses such as Fairway Markets and CareOne Assisted Living facilities, to name a few, have called on Passaic Bergen Water Softening to help them eliminate hard water problems.

Since 1954, we’ve expertly corrected commercial and industrial water quality issues that can impact operational budgets via shortened lifespans of important plumbing infrastructure, boilers and hot water heaters, appliances and fixtures. We help decision makers in charge of commercial, retail, industrial and healthcare facilities make the right choices in hard water treatment technology and applications suitability to ensure that water quality doesn’t contribute to a flood of other problems.

Improved Water Quality Makes a Strong Brand Statement

For restaurants and cafes good water is a must; not only for taste, but for the impressions you make on your customers. Hard or impure water can ruin the flavor of the meals being prepared, turn coffee into a bitter brew, and compromise the cleanliness of your flatware, glasses and dishware, all of which are vital to the perception of your food establishment. Good quality water is a must at businesses like car washes and commercial laundries too, where the value of the final product is all about being fresh, clean and spot-free.

Our whole-building and/or localized water filtration and reverse osmosis systems will make your everyday drinking, cooking and washing water cleaner, healthier and more user-friendly. We have vast experience correcting commercial water problems of all sizes, across the full range of private and public industries and facilities:

  • Restaurants and food service
  • Laundromats
  • Car washes
  • Corporate offices and medium-to-small businesses
  • Government/public buildings, schools and libraries, etc.
  • Hospitals, medical offices and care facilities
  • Assisted living

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Our technicians offer unmatched experience treating all types of water conditions, from iron removal and hard water correction to UV protection, reverse osmosis and whole building water filtration.

You’ll see why we’re clearly the best at turning problem water into problem-free water.

Below is a quick-reference list of the services we offer:

Fleck 9500

  • Iron Removal
  • Arsenic Removal
  • Nitrate Removal
  • UV Disinfection
  • Hard Water Correction
  • Acid Correction
  • Reverse Osmosis Purification Systems
  • Automatic Salt Delivery
  • Sodium-Free (Potassium Chloride) Water Softeners
  • Commercial/Industrial Water Filtration
  • Parts and Services for All Makes and Models
  • Rentals with 0% Interest Plans
  • Bacteria Control
  • Magnesium and Sulfur Removal
  • Calcium Build-Up Removal – No More Brown Water

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  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Fast, Same-Day Service
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  • Fully Insured, Licensed and Bonded
  • Commercial References Available
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