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7 Reasons You Should Invest in a Whole House Water Filtration Unit

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Have you ever wondered what to do about all the soap scum and mineral deposits that accumulate on your dishes? Maybe you’ve found sediments and contaminants on your clothes after washing them in the washer. Or maybe you’ve noticed that after you bathe or take a shower, your hair and skin dry out and become itchy, red, and inflamed. Have you ever wondered how you can get less buildup of sediments in your appliances and water heater?

Create Access For Cleaner and Safer Water

If you think you have to purchase bottled distilled or purified water to have the clean, fresh-tasting water you want, think again! Consider installing a whole house water filtration unit. These units filter water for all kinds of purposes, creating clean and healthy water for drinking, cleaning, washing, cooking, and bathing. In order to do this, the whole house water filter is installed at the water entry point where your main line reaches your home.  Your taps and appliances will all have access to cleaner water!

You may not realize just how harmful water can be as it’s traveling to your house. And you may not realize how beneficial it is to have clean, filtered water for all your needs. Drinking, bathing, cooking, washing, and cleaning are made safer and more efficient with a whole home water filtration system. It’s time you see the truth about the dangers of unfiltered water and all the benefits that a water filtration unit can bring you!

Here are some benefits of these whole house water filtration systems:

 You can enjoy cleaner water

The filtration unit removes sediment, rust, chlorine, lead, mercury, nickel, dissolved metals, 2000 other known toxins, and microorganisms from your water. And, it lowers your water’s pH level and creates safer drinking water that tastes pure and clean.

Prevent gastrointestinal issues and cancer

Remove impurities, bacteria, parasites, and toxic chemical compounds with a water filtration unit. This will help alleviate stomach problems and reduce your risk of developing cancerous growths.

 You can prevent skin irritation

If you have dry, itchy skin or a skin disorder, this filtration unit will work wonders for you. It will remove chemicals like chlorine and other heavy metals that cause dryness and itchiness.

Improve the efficiency of your appliances

The water filtration unit reduces the number of minerals in the water, leading to appliance inefficiency.  

You can lessen the risk of damaging appliances or pipes

Reducing sediment and limescale buildup can improve the performance of your appliances. You’ll also remove most soap scum that collects on dishes and decrease the amounts of deposits found on washed clothing. Additionally, you can reduce the amount of corrosion and limescale buildup on your pipes. You can also reduce the number of plumbing issues by installing a filtration unit.

Decrease the risk of inhaling toxic, airborne chemicals

When you take a shower, wash clothes, use the dishwasher, or cook using unfiltered water, you could be inhaling dangerous chemicals. You can decrease the risk by installing a whole house water filtration unit.

Save money and produce less waste

Instead of purchasing gallons or bottles of water, your filtration unit can create as much clean water as you need. Plus, the planet benefits because you reduce the amount of waste produced by plastic containers. It’s also more cost-effective to have one whole-house water filtration unit than to have a separate filter for every water source in your house.

The Whole House Water Filtration Unit Installation

If a whole house water filtration unit sounds like a win-win, contact us. We’d be happy to get you set up with one. You can start experiencing all the benefits and perks of having the best fresh and clean water!



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