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How to Adapt Your Home to Soft Water

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If you have been living with hard water for years, installing a water softener is a huge change. Not only will your hair, clothes, and skin be cleaner and healthier, but so will your pipes and appliances. Hard water damages everything it touches, leaving that awful flaky residue known as scale in its wake. Making the switch to soft water means not only getting used to the fact that soap will create suds and water will taste better, it also involves helping the house make the switch as well. To really enjoy your new soft water system, it’s time to get rid of what the hard water left behind.

Wipe Down Sinks and Showers

Hard water leaves scale on everything. That chalky, flaky off-white stuff that builds up on your faucets, sinks, shower, and bathtub may have been inescapable before but now it can be gone for good. Armed with a combination of glass cleaner, vinegar, and CLR, celebrate your new soft water by getting rid of that scale build-up once and for all. Soak a sponge and enjoy how the water flows cleanly through it without leaving a residue and don’t leave a single faucet or corner un-scrubbed. When you’re done, you should be able to run your hand along any surface and feel nothing but smooth cleanliness.

Take a Luxurious Shower

Now that your bathtub is completely clean, take a moment to get all the residual hard water off your body luxuriating in the fact that this is the first shower that won’t leave behind any scale you’ll have to scrub off later. Make sure to go through a full hygiene ritual using plenty of soap and shampoo. This will get the last of the scale off your body and out of your hair and will begin to undo the health and appearance damage done by months if not years of living with hard water.

Wash Your WasherBest-Water-Softener-e1481407631739

Your appliances that run water through them like your dishwasher and washing machine have been caked with hard water scale more times than most of us care to imagine. Just like the sinks and showers, it’s time to scrub them out once and for all. Take your cleaning supplies and make sure to give your water appliances a good scrubbing both inside and out. This is a good time to clear debris traps and replace filters that may be full of mineral residue to ensure that no sources of scale are left when you’re done.

Time for Draino

Finally, there’s one part of your house that has taken a lot hard water damage and you can’t reach in to scrub it. Your pipes have been suffering from scale build up on the inside probably for longer than you have lived in the home meaning that they more than anything can benefit from cleaning now that you have switched to pipe-friendly soft water. Invest in several bottles of drain cleaner and perform the cleaning procedure on every drain in the house to give your pipes their best chance to clear out all that built up hard water residue.

Now that you and your home are clean and refreshed, you can truly relax and enjoy your new soft water system. With soft water, your showers will be more pleasant, cleaning tasks won’t make their own mess, and every water-running appliance will become more efficient in both power and water use as they stop battling the scale build-up. If you don’t yet have a water softener but this life sounds like a dream come true, contact us today. Here at PB Water Softening, we’ll be happy to help you find the right water softening solution for your home.



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