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Things to Consider When Choosing a Home Water Filter

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Buying a new home is an exciting experience, one that most people only go through a few times in a long life of happy homeownership. Of course, choosing the right home is a complicated decision, one that involves almost too many factors to count. On top of looking for a home that is near where you want to live, in your price range, and that you fall in love with upon touring you also want a home with all the right features and amenities for a happy life.

Hard Water in Your New Home

One of the surprisingly serious concerns (in addition to roof and foundation quality) is the quality of the water. Not only do you want to test for contaminants, metals, algae, and mold, but you may also already know the unpleasantness of living in a home with extremely hard water. If you are house-hunting in a region known for hard water, it’s important to take a few precautionary steps to ensure you will be happy in whichever wonderful new home you choose.

So today, we’ve put together a helpful collection of advice for home buyers looking for homes in a hard-water region. Here’s how to prepare for a smart soft-water lifestyle:

Check the Region Water Hardness Map

First things first, know exactly which regions and neighborhoods are at the highest risk for running hard water through the taps. For most regions, you can find a water quality map online that will show you which neighborhood in your city or areas of your state are most likely to have hard water in home taps. You can use this map to direct your home buying outside the zones or simply prepare yourself to remedy hard water if your perfect home is in a hard water area.

Test the Water Hardness When You Tour Each Home

Bring water hardness tests with you when you tour each house on your list of candidates. For every house you visit, take a moment to test how hard the water is. This will give you perspective on what you might need to do to make life livable in that home. Maybe it’s in a hardness zone but the water is comparably soft, or maybe it’s very hard and you’ll need a whole-home water softener to save your pipes and appliances.

Water hardness tests can often be ordered or picked up at the hardware store. But you can also do a pretty handy test just with a water bottle and a little dish soap. Fill the water bottle halfway with tap water and add a few drops of dish soap. Close, shake, examine. Soft water will foam up and the water will be clear. Hard water will form very few bubbles and the water will be cloudy.

Check for an Existing Water Softener Unit

Take a peek in the utility closet, garage, and basement to see if there is already a water softener in the home. Many homes in hard water areas have already had one installed, though it may not currently be functional and might need maintenance before it works. Not only is this a due-diligence investigation of a home’s appliances, it’s also a clue as to whether previous residents felt that water softening was necessary.

Get a Water Softener Installation Quote for Finalist Homes

If a home you’re seriously considering buying has hard water, there’s one more thing you can do to prepare. When you’re getting all your inspections taken care of, invite a water softener installer to swing by and give you a quote. They will be able to identify the best place in a home to put a water softener and give you an estimate of how much it will cost to install one. You can consider this when negotiating with the seller and making your plans to buy.

Are you looking to buy a home in a hard water area? If so, the easiest solution is simply to work water softener installation into your buying process, which will allow you to enjoy soft water from day one. You can calculate the costs into your home buying budget or you might even be able to convince the seller to take care of the installation to sweeten the deal for you in negotiations. For more information about adding a water softener unit to your new home or to schedule an inspection of a home you’re considering buying, contact us today!



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