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Blue Green Stains on Plumbing and Fixtures are a Sure Sign of Water Problems

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Water acidity

Water acidity

Unsightly blue green stains on your plumbing and fixtures are a sure sign that your pipes are corroding, and the culprit is likely acid – however dissolved oxygen and/or high concentrations of sulfur in your water can also damage your plumbing. Only a test of your home’s water by a trained professional can tell you which symptom is responsible.

Whether you have acid water (low pH) or sulfur (high pH), if left untreated you could be facing significant repairs. That’s because acid water doesn’t leave just stains. It can eventually eat away at chrome faucets, fittings and especially pipes, leaving behind microscopic pinholes that leak and have to be replaced. Acid water can corrode delicate china and glassware too, as well as water-using appliances.

To fix the problem for good and eliminate acid or sulfur from your household water, let Passaic Bergen Water Softening conduct a free test and evaluation of your home’s water quality.

We can control slightly acidic conditions by running water through a filter tank containing a neutralizing compound. More extreme conditions can be controlled using a chemical feed system that injects a liquid neutralizer into the water. Also, a phosphate feeder can be used to coat all water-bearing surfaces with a film that helps eliminate acidic damage.

So do your home’s pipes and plumbing fixtures a favor and dial up Passaic Bergen Water Softening at (800) 955-8476. You’ll be glad you did.



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