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Culinary Triumphs Come From Whole Home Water Filtration

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Some people really love cooking. They take enormous pride and joy in their ability to feed people. They love that their families enjoy the food they produce. However, they can get frustrated when, despite their best work, their food is not up to snuff. One way to avoid this is through a whole home water filtration system. They improve your cooking in a few ways.

Better Tasting Water

Water has its own taste, which can affect the taste of anything you add it to. Heavy mineral content in your water gives it a sulfuric smell and metallic taste, and people feel the urge to cover this taste with sugar and fruit flavors. Trying to hide the flavor of minerals in your water often doesn’t work. It only makes the sugar and fruit flavors taste weird.

Nice-tasting water makes it easy to add it to soups and other foods because it doesn’t impart any off-tastes. People will want to drink it straight, and they won’t be tempted to substitute milk or other higher-calorie liquids for water. This can change the composition of anything you are cooking.

Cleaner Dishes

One of the often-repeated points about hard water is that it stops soap from working as well as it does with soft water. The soap lingers and either requires more elbow grease or more water to latch onto the food residue and remove it. This means that it is harder to get your dishes clean.

Since the water lines for your dishwasher and your sink may be separate, you can’t simply get a filter for your sink and expect your glasses to be streak-free when they come out of the dishwasher. In addition, the towels you use to dry dishes and wipe down the kitchen can suffer from hard water and soap residue, which shortens their life spans and leaves residue on kitchen counters.

Anytime that something is harder to accomplish, there will be times that it is done half-way. Your dishes will have food residue left over, and those crumbs can get into your next meal. Little crumbs left alone on a little-used pot can start growing mold and bacteria. They also necessitate cleaning things before you cook, which dampens the fun of cooking.

It also dampens the fun of serving food, as your dishes will have spots. Food presentation is part of the joy of serving your friends, and having to serve the food on less-than-sparkling dishes interferes with that.

Good Chemical Reactions

Minerals in the water can make your delicious, fluffy crust tough and rubbery. It interferes with the yeast fermenting and tightens gluten molecules when the minerals get higher than 200 parts per million. Chemicals in the water can also interfere with making a sourdough culture, as it may not rise as much.

These minerals can also affect other things that you cook. Chlorine can dull the vegetables that you blanch and make it take longer to boil water. Minerals from your water get absorbed into food as it cooks and can change the taste and appearance of your finished product.

These aren’t the only ways that your cooking will benefit from softer water. A filtration system for the whole house will help you keep your cooking spaces cleaner and make your food look and taste the way you intend, no matter what faucet you use. These are all very handy for anyone who loves to cook at home and takes pride in their culinary skills. We at Passaic Bergen Water Softening understand the home chef’s desire for great meals, and that is why we provide whole house filtration systems and provide expertise in treating different types of water. Contact us for more information about how we can improve your cooking.



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