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Eliminate Hard Water Spots on Drinking Glasses, Flatware and More

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Dishwasher with glasses and dishes

Dishwasher with glasses and dishes

An automatic dishwasher is supposed to make your life easier and more productive. However, if you have hard water there’s nothing automatic about your cleaning results after a wash cycle. Examine your drinking glasses, flatware and pots and pans the next time you empty your dishwasher. If they’re covered with chalky white spots and smudges hard water is the likely culprit.

Hard water means that your water is rich in minerals like calcium and magnesium; and it’s a problem that’s become more common in recent years. When the detergent industry decided to voluntarily eliminate phosphates from dish-washing detergents, hard water problems became even more daunting because the phosphates in the detergents helped to control calcium build-up.

If you’re living with hard water, it’s important to understand that the minerals in your water can be highly damaging to your home’s plumbing, dishwasher and washing machine, hot water heater, and other places where water flows such as your shower heads and faucets. In other words, hard water can cost you big money.

Passaic Bergen Water Softening offers the spot-on solutions you need to eliminate hard water

First, it’s important to know which products on the market will fix hard water; which means not only eliminating the chalky spots on dishes, glasses and flatware, but also reducing detergent use and soap scum and promoting softer and cleaner-feeling skin.

Not all of the products that claim to be water softeners actually ‘soften’ water. For example, salt-free water softeners are more accurately known as descalers. A descaler doesn’t remove calcium and magnesium; rather its electric charge changes the crystal structure of the minerals so their hard scale does not form as quickly. Look closely at the manufacturers’ literature for many salt-free softeners and these companies even admit as much – their products do not correct hard water problems. Salt-free systems can also be two- to four-times more expensive to install than salt-based systems.Fleck 5600SE Water Softener and Brine Tank

In contrast, salt-based water softeners (like the models Passaic Bergen Water Softening sells and services) run the water through resin beads where the calcium and magnesium molecules switch places with sodium molecules, making the water soft and better for bathing and cleaning, as well as cooking, boiling and steaming foods. No scale in your pipes or on your body is left because the minerals that cause it have been removed.

Don’t let hard water create more work for you

If you’re fed up with unsightly water spots, learn how a state-of-the-art water softening system from Passaic Bergen Water Softening can eliminate your hard water problems. Call (973) 697-6055 or (201) 797-8476 today to arrange a free water test for your home or business. You can also complete our service request form here.



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