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How Hard Water Affects You While You Work From Home

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Many people are working from home these days, and that has changed how they view their homes. For one thing, the space you use and how you use it changes when you have to find a way to make yourself comfortable for long periods of time in one spot. For another thing, you might be viewing your water supplier from another perspective. You may find that there are benefits to your work life when you get a water softener.

Making Life More Comfortable

One struggle many people who work from home face is keeping up a similar workload to their officemates. It is easy to spend a lot of time trying to settle into the work instead of achieving the tasks you are set. Part of the problem is that you have to get properly comfortable. You work more when you feel at ease because it lets you focus more on your job and get more in the flow.

What does this have to do with the water in your home? Well, hard water contributes to discomfort. It makes clothes scratchy and crumpled over time, and it changes the taste of your preferred work beverage. If you have to wash the fabric covering of your chair that you use for work, this also won’t feel as pleasant as it might. Most people also want to work somewhere at least relatively clean, and soft water helps you make your space clean enough for comfort.

Freeing More Time For Work

Hard water doesn’t just cause discomfort. It damages your house and causes a build-up of minerals in your pipes and showerheads that can block them. It takes time to treat these problems, which inevitably become pressing when you have something due soon.

Then there is the fact that hard water makes cleaning harder. The minerals in the water interfere with the way soap dissolves and leave a residue on surfaces. Your dishes take longer to clean, and your faucets need more wiping. Appliances are less efficient, which means you might have to run your dishwasher and do laundry more often. You wind up spending more time scrubbing to make your home livable, and that is less time for your work.

Allows You to Invest in Your Work

Hard water causes clothes to wear out sooner, increases your use of soap, and makes your appliances work harder. All this leads to you spending more money on miscellaneous stuff at home. You might buy more bottled water to avoid the taste of your tap water, and you definitely spend more on detergents. The money going to those things could be saved if you used softened water, and then you could invest that money on things for your home office. 

That money doesn’t just have to go to paper and running a work laptop. This is an opportunity to make your office cubicle truly your own. Your home computer can have all the applications that make your job easier without running it by your boss, and you can download all your songs to play while you work without worrying about how it impacts your cubicle mates. No one needs to know that you saved up for a fancy new rocking chair to work from, either.

Fortunately for those who work from home in Northern New Jersey, they can rely on the water softening abilities of Caresoft Elite RC, a whole house water softening system. Even better, Passaic Bergen Water Softening can install one for you. We rent them out, install them, and install parts. PB Water Softening can also evaluate your water for iron and other contaminants and then devise a way to improve your water. Anyone wanting more information should contact us.



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