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How Hard Water Costs You Money

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Hard water can cause problems throughout your home.  It creates buildup around faucets and leads to dull hair and dry skin after showers.

However, hard water can also cost you money.  It can make appliances work less efficiently and break down more quickly.  It also forces you to spend more money on soap and clothing.   

While some of these costs don’t seem like a big deal, they can add up over time.  By treating your water now, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year.

Here are several ways that hard water costs money: 

Makes you use more soap

Hard water keeps soap from creating suds.  This means that you need to use more soap when washing your hands or taking a shower.  It also means you will need to use more soap when washing clothes in your washing machine.  While this might not seem like a big deal, over time, these unnecessary costs can add up.

Reduces the lifespan of clothing

Another problem caused by hard water is that it wears out your clothing faster.  The higher mineral content from hard water can leave deposits on your clothing and towels.  This leads to clothing that looks older and worn out.  Over time, you will need to replace your clothing sooner than you normally would.   

Causes clogged pipes and faucets

Hard water causes clogged pipes.  Left untreated, the minerals will build up in your pipes and faucets.  This buildup reduces the amount of water that flows through your pipes.  This lower water flow affects how your appliances and faucets work.  To fix these problems, you may need to have your pipes cleaned or replaced, yet another way that hard water costs you money.

Leads to higher utility costs

Since hard water can clog pipes, it affects how well your water heater will work.  Mineral buildup will reduce your water heater’s efficiency.  This means it will take longer to heat water and will use more energy in the process.

It can also affect how well your dishwasher and laundry machine works.  If they aren’t working as well as before, you may need to run smaller or additional loads.  Not only does this take extra time, but it will also increase your energy bills. 

Damages appliances

Hard water can damage any appliances that use water.  They can clog pipes located in these appliances and damage other mechanical parts.  Left untreated, it can cause expensive repairs or reduce the lifespan of your major appliances. 

The results can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  You may have to replace smaller appliances like coffee makers much sooner than you normally would.  You also may need to have dishwashers, washing machines, and refrigerators repaired or have parts replaced.

In addition, these larger appliances may not last as long, which means you will need to replace them several years earlier than you normally would. 

Over time, hard water can cost you money spent on appliance repair or replacement. Eventually, you could reach thousands of dollars in hard water damage.

Looking to save money?  Contact us today about installing a water softener!

As you can see, hard water can cost you a lot of money.  It can add additional monthly costs and force you to repair or replace appliances earlier than necessary.  By treating your hard water now, you can save money and avoid all these headaches.  Installing a water softener will treat your home’s hard water and save money in the long run.

If you need to treat hard water, contact us today!  We can show you the benefits that a water softener will provide your home and help you figure out the right water softener for your home.



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