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Hard Water Problems: 5 Major Signs of Poor Water Quality

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Most of us have had an experience with hard water, and we can all attest to the fact that its effects are damaging, whether you used it for cleaning or bathing. With the US Geological Survey noting that 85% of homes have hard water, it is apparent that we are all exposed to the effects thereof. Hard water is not entirely harmful, though; it contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which are beneficial to our bodies. However, the sediments in it may carry harmful bacteria, which lead to bacterial growth that can cause diseases.

Being familiar with what hard water is and the problems it poses to you and your family is essential. So, what exactly should you look out for to know your water is hard? Here, we identify the most apparent hard water problems.

You are always cleaning scum.

If you keep noticing scum on your dishes, you might want to check the water you are using. Typically, the minerals in hard water do not mix well with soap. Moreover, when they evaporate, they tend to leave calcium deposits that appear as brown spots on your utensils and clothing. These spots are often hard to clean, which means you will have to use more soap to clean a few dishes.

Even worse than spots on dishes, the scum left on clothes and shower curtains can lead to the development of microbial biofilm that can support the growth of bacteria which can cause diseases. Surely, you do not want to expose yourself to all this trouble, do you?

Your pipes are clogging all the time  

Hard water is also responsible for clogged pipes. Usually, scale deposits can build up in pipes, making it hard for water to flow freely. Over time, you will notice the flow of water reducing due to the scales constricting the flow. This happens the same way plaques in an artery reduce blood flow, and the damage is more or less the same. This hard water problem is more common with old steel pipes and less so with copper and PVC.

Your clothes never get clean.

As mentioned, hard water does not work well with soap, and this can have a negative impact on your laundry. You will notice that when you wash your clothes with hard water, they will be left with spots that are often hard to get rid of and can also wear faster. These effects are attributed to magnesium and iron in hard water.

Hard water makes you use more detergent and soap to clean a small bunch of clothes. Many people who have had to deal with it also claim that you can even use four times as much detergent as you would with soft water. Eventually, you will only end up with dingy clothes full of rusty spots.

Your appliances are wearing out quickly.

Whether it is the fridge, water heater, or dishwasher, hard water problems extend to your electronics. Among other results, your appliances can become less efficient, which can lead to higher utility bills. In fact, it is estimated that using hard water for a long time can cost you up to 800 dollars more annually in water expenses. You will also have to replace electronics more often than you should, and need I mention this will cost you more money on top of the high water expenses?

You experience skin irritation.

With hard water, you will always have to deal with skin issues. Among other effects, it can make your skin dry and itchy. It has also been associated with a condition known as eczema, which mostly affects young children. It’s worth noting that with continued use, this skin condition can worsen, thus causing further problems. Therefore, if you have to use more lotion on your skin or notice your baby has rough skin, consider treating your water.

Summary of hard water problems

No doubt, hard water can have adverse effects on you and your family, as well as on your appliances and clothing. Being aware of the impact, and more importantly, how to go about solving the problem, can help you to take the necessary measures to clean your water for happy and healthy living.

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