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Hiring a Great Water Softening Company in New Jersey

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A key element of any product installed in your home today is that it incorporates W.E.T. technology (Water Efficient Technology). W.E.T. is an environmentally friendly system that uses less water when rinsing your water softening system. Softening your water requires only as much water as required to rinse the waste matter from the medium. If you’re not sure about your water softener’s efficiency, give us a call.


Available Supplies

One may think keeping up with having enough salt on hand to keep your water softener running can present a challenge. Be sure your water softening company keeps bagged salt and other  necessary supplies on hand at all times to support all your water softening needs. With 3 convenient locations in northern New Jersey, you’re welcome to pick up your supplies or give us a call and we’ll drop them exactly where you’d like them stored in your home.


Testing and Estimates (Yes,They’re Free!)

A quick, free water test to learn about the quality of your water is just the first step. We will quickly determine what is required to bring your water up to optimum quality and clarity. We are also prepared to provide you with a free-estimate for an efficient water softener.



With any professional, a key to your confidence and their success is experience. Being the leaders of the water softening community in northern New Jersey since 1954, we are poised to answer your questions and provide you with quality workmanship.



Any disconnects? Reliable service is just as important as the installation of the initial unit. Our service department is able to identify any dilemma you may experience and provide you with quick, attentive service.

These are just some of the qualities you may be searching for when considering installing a water softener in your home. Remember, it’s not only the product that matters, it’s the team that work with you to make it successful.



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