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How Hard Water Affects Your Appliances – Large & Small

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Appliances whether it be a small steam iron or a large steam washer aren’t cheap these days. If you live in northern New Jersey, I can almost bet anything that you have or will be replacing your coffee pot within the year…am I right?  Yes, I am. That’s not because I have this ability to see the future, but because hard water is a destroyer. Period.

The sediment left behind from hard water; specifically calcium and magnesium begins to build in the machine. Eventually, the inner workings of the appliance are compromised. Seals become deteriorated, connections collect green hard water sediment, the pump stops working and then there’s always the biggest telltale sign – leaking.

Besides the mess and inconvenience, consider the cost. A steam iron may run a mere $39.95; however, when you get into bigger ticket items such as a dishwasher or washing machine, you can be talking about thousands of dollars. Considering the cost of replacing these items, makes spending the money for a water softener for your home basically a no-brainer.




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