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Your Water Intake: When Quantity and Quality Matter

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New Jersey water quality is a pertinent topic, as much of Northern New Jersey struggles with hard water. Plumbing maintenance is something that every homeowner has to deal with. After all, leaks can put a dent in your utility bill, clogs are a serious problem for your day-to-day life, and the health of your pipes is directly related to the health of your family. What comes out of your tap is what you will be bathing in, washing clothes and dishes in, drinking, and cooking with meaning that the contents of your water matter quite a bit. Unfortunately, here in New Jersey, you’re likely to be dealing with more particles in your water than most other homeowners.


New Jersey Water Quality – Most Homes Run Hard Water

Tap water has never been pure distilled H20 and, for the most part, that’s a good thing. We need the trace minerals in normal drinking water and the city seems to believe we need a daily dose of fluoride as well. However, hard water occurs when there are too many mineral particles suspended in the water, usually calcium and magnesium. These particles stick to everything the water touches from your skin and hair when you wash to the sides of the tub and sink to the inside of your pipes. The bad news is that most of NJ water is hard because of all the limestone in the local terrain.

Signs of Hard Water

If you live in New Jersey, it’s likely that you have hard water but it’s also very easy to prove one way or the other. No special tests needed. Simply take a look at your sink and bathtub. Is there an off-white chalky buildup that takes vinegar or CLR to really scrub off? That residue is known as ‘scale’ and is made of calcium and magnesium deposits left by hard water. Other distinct signs of hard water include your clothes coming out of the water stiff and possibly sour, scale spots on your dishes after washing, limp hair, and persistent breakouts.

What Hard Water Does to Your Plumbing

Hard water may be annoying to scrub off of your sinks, tub, and toilet, but it’s even worse for the areas you can’t reach. That scale that you deal with on the outside also deposits on the inside of your pipes and your water-running appliances. Regular clogging with no known cause is often a sign of hard water build-up and it can even corrode copper pipes. Another major worry is for your water-running appliances like the dishwasher, clothes washer, coffee machine, etc. Hard water in their pipes and valves can cause unnecessary damage and will reduce their effectiveness.

What to Do About Hard Water

When it comes to New Jersey water quality and having hard water, you need to take care of any damage the hard water has caused. Have your pipes and valves inspected for buildup and corrosion and you might need a special service to clear the scale before it causes problems with your pipes. If any of your copper pipes are corroded, consult with your plumber to replace them with a hard-water resistant alloy. To keep your pipes in good order and prevent any damage from occurring to your appliances, you will want get a water softening system for your home. This is an innovative appliance that sits in-line with your water heater and uses a combination of salt and special beads to pull the minerals out of your water before it touches your pipes, appliances, or skin.

Hard water is bad news for anyone’s pipes but it’s an especially large problem here in New Jersey. If your pipes are running hard water and your home is showing signs of hard water, there may be a New Jersey water quality issue. Here at PB Water Softening, we’d be happy to help you find the right hard water solution for your home. Contact us today for a consultation!



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