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ONE™ Contaminant Reduction System

The Peace Of Mind You Deserve


Certified To Remove Lead, Cysts, And PFOA/ PFOS Chemicals

If today’s headlines have you worried about your water, we don’t blame you! Contaminants like lead and PFOA/ PFOS chemicals are leeching into water sources around the world, and many people are looking for ways to remove contamination before it enters their home. The good news is: WaterCare® has a smart solution for you.

Our ONE™ Filter has the option of a cartridge certified to reduce lead, cysts, and PFOA/PFOS chemicals. When paired with one of our WaterCare® models, the certification of the ONE filter is doubled!

To learn more about combining a ONE™ filter with our WaterCare® products, contact your local dealer today!

Benefits Of The ONE™ Contaminant Reduction System:

  • When paired with a WaterCare® system, the certification level of the ONE filter increase from 50,000 gallons to 100,000 gallons before replacement is needed
  • Cartridges specially designed for higher flow rates and higher contaminant retention capacities
  • A wide variety of application-specific cartridges available
  • Includes Cartridges that are easily accessible for service and replacement purposes – no special tools required
  • Optional bottom drain that allows particles to flush from the system and extend the cartridge life

The ONE™ Contaminant Reduction System

Exclusive Design Features:

As an added bonus, WaterCare® offers an exclusive cartridge design that makes changing them easier than ever. These changes include:

  • A long distributor that adapts directly in/out of the head, meaning no more coupling
  • “Legs” on the bottom filter cap, allowing for efficient drain down
  • New bottom drain assembly that swivels and allows for easy connection and debris removal
  • No more bottom adapter tee

The new ONE™ filter design is interchangeable with any existing ONE™ Cartridge product from WaterCare®. No add-on components or system modifications are required!


This product has been certified by IAPMO R&T according to NSF/ANSI 53 for lead and cyst reduction and NSF P473 for PFOA/PFOS reduction. At WaterCare®, we have many different models and sizes available in this series. Please click the link to view all the dimensions, capacities, and specifications available for this unit. Your local dealer can help you determine which product is the right fit for your water and home.

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