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4 Reasons to Rent a Water Softener

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When most people think of water softening, they think of it as a permanent installation. After all, it’s a large appliance usually installed in-line with the water supply right next to other permanent large appliances. Water softening is usually permanent, but it doesn’t have to be. There are some very useful situations where the choice to rent a water softener is smart and surprisingly possible. Water softener rental is a fantastic idea in situations where clean, soft water is important and long-term installation isn’t an option.

Wondering if water softener rental is right for your situation? Let’s take a look at four different examples of circumstances where water softener rental is the right solution for your needs.

1) You Want Water Softening in a Rental Home

There are millions of renters across the US who are allowed to make minor alterations to the home, provided that everything is restored to the way it was. If you live in a rental home and have found that the water is too hard for comfort, or that the water is damaging your health and appliances, you may be able to rent a water softener to handle the water just while you are a resident.

Landlords sometimes give permission for these large installations as rentals precisely because the unit will be removed when you’re done with your lease. This ensures that landlords don’t have to worry about maintaining a new device, especially if they are fine living with the local hard water and providing the same to tenants.

So if you really need water softening in a rental home, a rented water softener might be just the ticket.

2) You Aren’t Sure if Water Softening is the Answer

Another common reason to rent a water softener is if you’re not sure if that’s what the home really needs. You may have water troubles that go beyond softening, but a softener is the best solution you could look up online. You may have gotten a test that revealed additional problems like rust and other particulates.

If you’re not certain that water softening is right for your home and experience, then a rented water softening unit can quickly show you the difference. Soft water cleans more effectively, feels slippery to the touch, and is very good for our skin and hair. Of course, your own experience with a rental water softener will help you understand just how important softened water is to your household’s health and happiness.

3) You’re Planning a Long Vacation

Are you staying for a few months in a place that has hard water? This can be a great reason to rent a water softener just for the months that you’ll be staying. The longer you plan to stay, the more valuable your water softener will become as it softens many gallons of water for your health and enjoyment.

Vacation homes and vacation rental homes are often the focus of interesting amenities, sometimes mixed in impractical ways to make room for expansion. So a new water softener often doesn’t make that much impact on a home’s design compared to a few DIY projects. When you’re planning a vacation, the last thing you need to be worrying about is dry skin and acne or the strange taste hard water can put into your tap. So, invest in a rental water softener to ensure every shower and sip is perfect.

4) You Need Perfect Water for a Destination Wedding

Finally, some wedding parties may find it worth their while to rent a water softener just for the duration of the festivities. Whether you bring it to the wedding venue or have it installed in the shared guest house you and the wedding party will be sharing leading up to the honeymoon, a water softener can turn chalky mountain water or mineral-rich city water into a luxuriously soft water experience. This is not only more pleasant to drink and cook with, but the bride and guests are also sure to prepare in style with no risk of last-minute breakouts of hair disasters caused by the negative effects of hard water.

For wedding parties away from home and getting ready in a large rented home or lodge, a rental water softener could be just the thing to ensure your destination wedding stay is perfect. Contact us today to find out more.



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