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Reverse Osmosis – The Best Stuff on Earth

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What is reverse osmosis…exactly? Reverse Osmosis is a process by which a solvent passes through a porous membrane in the direction opposite to that for natural osmosis when subjected to a hydrostatic pressure greater than the osmotic pressure. Whoa! What?! It simply means water passes through a semi-permeable membrane leaving behind all particles and minerals.

Think of a cool, clear stream of water then taking your hand and scooping it into your mouth. It’s fresh, clear and clean, but wait – it just doesn’t taste the same as the water you’re getting out of your tap. If you find that to be true, your tastebuds aren’t off, but rather you are experiencing and tasting water as it was meant to be – pure of everything. Remember, your town or municipality has been treating your water with traces of chlorine and other additives to keep you safe.

A reverse osmosis installation is simple. It is installed directly under your kitchen sink. It’s easier now than ever to enjoy the best stuff on earth. Grab a glass today!




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