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Salt Free Water Softeners: Do they really work?

When I search Salt Free Water Softeners on Google, one of the menu items that pops up references a scam. What’s that about?

There are quite a few water companies out there who will promise you that their salt free water softener will work better than a salt-based system, plus save you money because there’s no salt to replenish. But the facts don’t bear that out. While Salt Free Water Softeners are indeed salt free, they do not soften water. Just test cold water hardness after a salt-free system is installed compared to a newly installed salt-based system. The salt- or potassium chloride-based system will measure 0 to 1 hardness. The same test conducted on a salt-free system will show no change from or even greater water hardness than before installation. The salt-free system manufacturers and installers will dismiss this as a flush out of built up calcium and magnesium in the plumbing. But if that were true, wouldn’t the test show similar results with the salt-based system? Of course not. In fact, if you look closely at the salt-free manufacturers’ literature, companies that sell these products even admit as much: Their products do not correct hard water. Plus, they are significantly more expensive than salt-based systems to install.

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Benefits of Salt or Potassium Water Softening Systems that you will NOT experience with “salt free” water softeners:

Salt Free “Water Softeners” are more accurately known as descalers. A descaler doesn’t actually remove dissolved materials such as calcium and magnesium like a water softener does, rather it prevents them (as long as the water is flowing) from being deposited on the inside of your pipes, dishwasher and washing machine. The water that exits your faucet or showerhead is still “hard”. And in places where water sits, such as your hot water heater, coffee pot, furnace, etc. limescale will still form. Which means you may have saved a few dollars on salt, but you’ve greatly compromised the life expectancy of some key household appliances. Let Passaic Bergen Water Softening test your water for hardness. The test is absolutely FREE and there are no obligations whatsoever. If we discover a problem, we have many affordable pricing options for you to consider, including rental, rent-to-own, and straight purchase.

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