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Softened Water: Your Ultimate Remedy to Hard Water Laundry Issues

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Mother and daughter in their laundry area washing clothes using softened water.

We see you wondering why your body, clothes, and appliances look dirty even after dedicating your whole weekend to cleaning. And the more soap you use, the more things get muckier. Before you get to unravel the mystery, your skin starts to irritate. Here is where softened water comes in.

The root cause of your laundry issues could be hard water. Soften your water using a water filtration unit, and you’ll begin to enjoy the following benefits.

Benefits of Using Softened Water

1. Spend Less Soap and Detergent

Hard water contains Magnesium and Calcium. These notorious minerals usually form scum with cleaning products. So your soap struggles to mix with the hard water to form a cleaning solution.

The scum is usually sticky. That’s why showers and tubs develop a “detergent curd.” This chalky stuff can also stick on your laundry. The results? Dingy-looking clothes that can attract even more dirt at a faster rate after wearing. 

To remove this soap scum from your clothes and machines, you’ll need more soap. And you know what that means- spending more money. If you repeat the process with hard water, more residue will build up. You can see how the issue can be a cycle of stress and frustration.

Softened water doesn’t have those dissolved minerals that usually hinder the effectiveness of detergent and soaps. That means you’ll spend less on cleaning products.

2. No More Stains on Clothes

It can be so frustrating when you notice brown, red, yellow, and other mysterious stains on your clothes when going for that crucial interview.Most likely, the culprit is hard water, especially if you use chlorine bleach.

A bit of Chemistry here: as an oxidizer, chlorine bleach solidifies some dissolved minerals like iron. A combination of bleach and dissolved iron results in rust (iron oxide). 

Soften your water, and you’ll say goodbye to rusty clothes. When you use softened water, your laundry can also stay spotlessly clean for an extended period- they won’t be instant magnets that attract dirt, mold, and mildew.

3. Keep Skin Irritation at Bay

Do you contend with skin sensitivity? It would help if you stayed away from hard water because it can heighten skin irritation. 

When your skin comes into contact with that detergent curd residue on your bed sheets or clothes, issues like dryness, chafing, and redness may occur.

If your locality experiences a seasonal climate change, your dry skin (due to dry cold weather) may become touchier when it comes in contact with the scum residue in your clothing. 

The residue from bathing with hard water can also block your skin’s pores. So it may fail to moisturize and protect itself due to a lack of sebum production. Sebum is a substance that your skin produces for lubrication and protection

Sometimes, these issues are too stubborn to disappear even after spending your hard-earned money on the best skincare products (like special soaps, creams, and lotions). And the constant contact with that sneaky residue only worsens the matter. Use softened water, and these scum-induced skin irritation problems will no longer stress you.

4. Prolong Washing Machine’s Life Span 

Do you pay enough attention to your washing machine’s manual? Be honest. If you answered yes, you’ve probably seen most of them recommend the use of treated water. In fact, you risk voiding the warranties of some models if hard water touches them. 

When you use hard water, the washing machine starts having that stubborn scale build-up. With time, this layer coating around the heating coils becomes so thick that your machine eventually fails to attain the intended inner temperatures. Other issues include corrosion and clogging of pipes

Your heating elements will struggle to output enough heat to overcome the coating. The result is more damage, meaning more money going to the repair and replacement technician. The issues may eventually take several years off your machine’s lifespan. 

Soft water can protect these expensive appliances and keep frequent repair and replacement works at bay. The appliances can also retain their initial factory efficiency rating throughout their lifespan.

Soften Your Water with Caresoft from Watercare

With systems like the Elite RC, you can now have soft and odorless water that will keep your clothes, skin, and washing machines happier. Contact us today and we’ll be more than willing to assist!



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