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Water Softening Is More Beneficial Than You Think

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Water softening is much more important than you might think. This is especially true if you live in an area where the water is known to be hard. Many times, water treatment facilities do not soften water on their end, so hard water is automatically passed along to you.

If you have a well or live in a hard water area, you are also more at risk for the trouble that hard water brings. The only way to combat hard water is to have water softening in place.

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Soft Water Benefits

No matter how you soften your water, the benefits will be the same. Not only will your drinking water taste better, but you’ll reap other benefits as well. Some of them might not be as noticeable as better tasting water, but you’ll appreciate them just the same.

  • Any appliances you have that use water will have a longer life span. Hard water can create a scaly buildup inside the pipes of these appliances that will make them work much harder. With softer water, the workload will be greatly decreased and, as a result, save both the machine and your energy efficiency. Some appliances that will benefit include coffee makers, dishwashers, and ice makers.
  • Your dishes, glassware, mirrors and faucets will be much shinier than normal. They will also stay that way longer. The scale and buildup that hard water causes can dull the surfaces over time, making them look older and dingy.
  • Hot water heaters will function properly for longer. Just as the scaly residue will accumulate in the pipes of your appliances, it will show up in the pipes of your water heater as well. Not only is this a major force on your utility bill, but it can be dangerous as well. Hot water efficiency is improved by roughly 25% when water is softened.
  • You will use less laundry detergent and dish soap if your water is softened. The calcium and magnesium levels in hard water react with soaps in such a way that more is needed to accomplish a good lather. By softening your water, you are again saving money that would be used on excessive soap purchases.
  • Dry skin, itching and dull hair will all become a thing of the past. Hard water can be very rough when you shower or bathe in it and it can cause a sticky soap film to be left on your skin and hair. Many people become accustomed to it and do not even realize the severity of the issue until after it is resolved.
  • Clothing will be much softer without the minerals that can build up in fabric when washed in hard water. The same will be true of bedding and you might also find that these items last much longer after you have softened your water. Even whites will stay whiter longer without the graying effect of hard water.
  • Softening the water in your home can reduce greenhouse gases in our atmosphere as much as removing one SUV from our roadways for an entire year would.

For more information on the many great benefits you can reap from water softening, please feel free to contact us any time. We not only offer a free consultation, but also a free water test. Additionally, we have some great specials just for first time customers and we would love the opportunity to tell you about them!



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