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Watercare: Technologically Advanced Water Softener Systems

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Any number of factors might be in play if you are considering having a water softener installed. Hard water, concerns over the amount of chlorine or lead are valid reasons to seek out a way to improve your water’s quality.

At Passaic Beren Water Softening, we understand how important it is to you and your family to have water in your home that is safe to drink and use for household chores, like laundry. That’s why we use the water softening systems from Watercare.

What is Watercare?

Watercare is the premium, technologically advanced line of water softening systems we use. Several models are available to meet the individual needs of each family we serve. Providing superior water treatment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, these systems exceed even the highest of expectations.

What Makes Watercare’s Water Softening Systems Different?

Watercare water softening systems use what’s called W.E.T., or Water Efficient Technology. The greatest advantage of this system is that it uses the minimal amount of water needed to clean itself. This is a huge benefit to the environment and to you financially. The water softening systems equipped with W.E.T. can save up to half the amount of water that’s used in comparison to other water softening systems. That is a very big difference! Watercare is the only line offering this superior form of technology.

Who Can Benefit From Using Watercare?

Everyone can benefit from using Watercare systems. Whether you have well water or city water, there are elements in the water that affect its quality and safety. Different systems are available to meet individual needs, whether those needs are for residential or commercial use.

For those who use well water, naturally occurring elements, such as arsenic, can be found in their water. Long-term consumption of water with higher than acceptable levels of arsenic increase the risk of several types of cancer.

Other unsafe well water contaminants include heavy metals, run-off pollutants (such as pesticides used in farming), microorganisms and human and animal waste.

Not only do Watercare softener systems help to eliminate these hazardous contaminants, they will improve the often poor taste associated with well water.

For those with city water, the taste and smell of chlorine is probably very familiar. While it’s required to treat the water and is deemed safe in the amount that’s used, chlorine does unfortunately pose health health risks. However, it’s one of the elements in water that’s most easily removed.

It’s also possible for more dangerous substances, like lead, to find their way into your drinking water. Corrosion in service pipes can expose you and your family to unsafe levels of lead in your drinking water. The effects of lead exposure on children are significant and permanently life altering.

Watercare systems are also very beneficial for commercial use. Hard water (water containing magnesium and calcium) is known for having a detrimental effect on equipment. Causing equipment to work harder and shortening longevity, hard water problems that aren’t addressed with the proper water softening system will end up spending more money in the long run. These water softeners can also help remove the contaminants that cause corrosion.

Hard water is also an issue in the home. Effecting everything from your laundry machine to your water heater, the issue of hard water is easily resolved with a water softening system.

Why Choose Watercare?

Watercare has been the water treatment industry leader for over 60 years. All systems are built in the USA and available through experienced dealers nationwide.

Here at Passaic Bergen Water Softening, we’ve been in the business of providing our customers the best products and services for almost 60 years. We offer the best prices and provide emergency servicing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We understand how important it is for you to have water that is not only safe for drinking, but that won’t impair or damage important equipment or appliances.

For more information about Watercare softening systems or the services we provide, please contact us. We look forward to serving you!



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