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Well Water 101: How to Select the Best Well Water Filtration System

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A home well is often a benefit for most homebuyers, especially if you invest in a well water filtration system. Not only are you independent from a municipal source, but the costs for pumping and periodic maintenance are often far less than that of your city’s water bill. Furthermore, a well has a long lifespan. It can serve you for up to 30 to 50 years in any region.

However, well water can have its problems. Wells are prone to pollution, which can affect your health and that of other occupants. They also contain a high concentration of magnesium and calcium that can stain your clothes in the wash. Wells are also associated with hard water, which is notoriously known for causing dry skin and hair as well as scale buildup on tiles and sinks. It can also cause damage to plumbing and kitchen appliances such as dishes and pots.

How Can You Solve the Problem of Hard Well Water?

Scrubbing the scale off your dishes, toilet, or tiles may seem like a solution to hard water, but what about your skin and hair?

Luckily, a well water filtration system such as a water softener can eliminate the problem of hard water. However, tests should always be done to see if you need an iron filter or if you are experiencing problems such as chlorination or bacterial contamination. If so, you may need a whole house water filter for well water.

How Does a Water Softener Work?

A water softener is a type of well water filtration system that eliminates iron, magnesium, and calcium from water through salt-free water conditioning or salt-based ion exchange. After the process, well water produces less scale and is safer for drinking.

It is not always easy to choose a water softener that works for you. Getting the best one can be difficult. Here are some variables to consider for you to make the best choice.

Water Test Results

You should have your well water tested for hardness and contaminants. Suppose it contains chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, pesticides, VOCs, THMs, E.coli, Giardia, cysts, coliform bacteria, Cryptosporidium, iron, manganese, or fluoride. In that case, you may need an additional well water filtration system.


The softening capacity of the water softener should be enough to support the flow rate of water to your home. If you purchase a smaller softener, there won’t be enough time for water conditioning or ion exchange; hence the water softening process will be less effective.


Consider purchasing a water softener that will use minimal water and salt, especially if you live in a brine-restricted area. Also, opt for a softener that allows you to automatically monitor salt levels and water usage through an app. Ensure consistent performance and identify maintenance needs early enough to address them.

Household Size

The size of your household determines the softening capacity of the softener that you choose. It’s measured by 160 liters per person per day. If you get a softener with lower power than your household size, it may be expensive to maintain and run and may wear out faster.


If you need a well water filtration system that can process a high volume of water or your well water is very hard, you may need to purchase a higher-quality water softener that will last longer. Choose what is appropriate for your home to prevent faster replacement.

The Best Well Water Filteration System for You

If you have a well on your property and would like to make water safer and easier to use, Passaic Bergen Water Softening is here for you. Our technicians have vast experience treating water problems such as iron removal, reverse osmosis, hard water correction, UV protection, and whole house water filtration.

We will collect a water sample from your home and test it to determine the most suitable treatment method for your well water. Visit our blog for more information and contact us for your free water test.



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