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What causes my water taste and odor problems?

Tastes and odors in water do not cause physical problems in the home but they can be very objectionable to people. Tastes and odors are caused by many things including chlorine, chlorine compounds, decaying organic matter, and/or dissolved gases or minerals. The presence of hydrogen sulfide, which tastes and smells like rotten eggs or sulfur, is caused by decaying vegetation, oil deposits beneath the Earth’s surface or some types of iron bacteria.

Remedy: Common tastes and odors can be treated by a tank filter containing activated carbon which absorbs the tastes and odors. Minor problems can be treated by a single-faucet filter. Tougher taste and odor problems require professional attention, which may include an automated water data collection system to monitor water quality. It’s the best way to be sure your water is pure and safe for your family.

Smelly, bad tasting water is not something to ignore when it comes to the health of you and your family. The pros at Passaic Bergen Water Softening have the experience to diagnose and correct virtually any water problem imaginable. Contact Passaic Bergen Water Softening to have our professionals conduct a FREE test and evaluation of your home’s water quality.



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