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Whole House Water Filtration

Not everyone prioritizes the cleanliness of the water coming from their faucets. For some, it’s not a concern, and for others, they believe the water coming out is cleaner than it actually is. But at Passaic Bergen Water Softening, we know the importance of protecting the water that you drink. And with our fantastic filtration systems, we help to eliminate the contaminants that bring health problems and troubles to your home. Instead of relying on excessive amounts of bottled water, you can consume water directly from your system without stress.

With the best collection of residential and commercial water treatment services in the state, Passaic Bergen Water Softening can properly install a water softener that protects your home for years to come. So speak to a contractor or representative today and get your water-softening questions answered. We’re happy to help!

Get a Whole House Water Filtration System Today and Protect Your Home

Passaic Bergen Water Softening has provided NJ residents with whole-home water softeners and filtration systems for many years, and we’re proud to serve you! We can provide the finest installation of your system, taking into account factors such as home size and water usage or accurately dissect any issues within your whole house water filter systems.

Our service area includes many North Jersey residents, including those in the following regions:

  • Bergen County
  • Passaic County
  • Morris County
  • Essex County
  • Sussex County

Ready to get started? Explore our fantastic suite of water filtration systems, or take a look at the rest of our water softener products that help to remove hard water for good.

What Is a Whole House Filtration System?

A whole house filtration system is a type of water treatment system designed to clean all the water supply in a home, from the main water supply down to the individual faucets. It effectively removes potentially harmful contaminants, including sediment, chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, and other properties that make for unhealthy water.

Also known as point of entry filter (POE), there are a few different types of filtration systems you need to know of. These include water softeners, UV protection systems, sediment filters, carbon filters, and acid neutralizers.

Together, these systems work to cure your home, protect your family, and provide tons of additional benefits. If you’re interested in a whole home water filter, contact Passaic Bergen Water Softening today!

How Do Whole House Water Filter Systems Work?

A whole house water filter system typically consists of a series of filters that remove different types of impurities from your water. The first filter is usually a sediment filter, which removes larger particles such as sand, dirt, and rust. This helps to protect the other filters in the system and provides the initial wave of resistance. This filter allows the rest of the system to focus on other elements that can easily slip through a traditional filter.

The second filter is usually a carbon filter, which removes chemicals such as chlorine, pesticides, and herbicides. Carbon filters are highly effective, and it’s good that they are, as many of these contaminants are responsible for serious health problems in the short and long run and affect the taste and odor of the water.

A third filter (or post-filter) may be added if necessary, depending on the specific needs of your home. These screens act as a final cleanup layer, catching any impurities that may have sneaked by. One example is iron. Your water supply contains high levels of iron, and a specialized iron filter may be used to remove it.

Why You Need Whole House Water Filters

New water filtration systems can save you time and money and protect your health. How good does that sound? Our bodies are made primarily of water, so we should be aware of what kind of water we put into it. Here’s why you can benefit from whole-house water filters:

  • Safe, fresh, and clean water
  • Eco-friendly water filtering
  • Cost savings
  • Protection for your plumbing systems

How Our Drinking Water Treatment Systems Remove Harmful Chemicals From Your Water

Our drinking water treatment systems use various methods to remove PFOAs, including activated carbon filters and ion exchange resin beds. Activated carbon filters are particularly effective because they effectively absorb organic compounds like PFOAs. Ion exchange resin beds use a process where calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged for PFOAs, allowing for efficient and effective removal from the water supply. Water treatment facilities can provide safe and clean drinking water to plenty of communities worldwide by utilizing these purification methods.

With some of the finest water treatment products, Passaic Bergen Water Softening helps to remove chemicals like PFOAs from your drinking water — without compromising efficiency or effectiveness. Products like our WaterCare ONE and ClearFlo Reverse Osmosis System are instrumental in removing PFOAs while minimizing water usage, monitoring and self-adjusting water patterns, and reducing hardness. Learn more about our water treatment products and how they can effectively support your PFOA remediation needs.

Protect Your Water With Quality Whole House Filtration Systems From Passaic Bergen Water Softening

There are many perks to filtering the water that goes into your home. From health benefits to long-lasting faucets and plumbing products, you can save in many more ways than one. And with North Jersey’s finest whole house water filtration company in your back pocket, it’s never been easier to install, maintain, and enjoy the benefits of house water filtration systems.

Ready to get your home water filtration system? Contact us today! We service Bergen, Passaic, Morris, Essex, and Sussex Counties, covering plenty of homeowners. Learn more by giving us a call or taking a look at our FAQ page to have all your questions answered.



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