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4 Important Reasons to Consider Whole-Home Water Filtration

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Home water filtration is a solution that is absolutely necessary for some homes and a pleasant but unnecessary extra in others. What most people don’t realize is just how fine that line can be. It all depends on the current quality of your home’s water and if you have any reason to be overly careful in the next few months or years with the health of household members. Let’s take a closer look at four important reasons to consider installing a whole-home water filtration unit.

1) Getting Pregnant or Having a New Baby

pretty pregnant woman drinking water while lying on a sofa at home

pretty pregnant woman drinking water while lying on a sofa at home

If the woman of the house has recently conceived, now is a key time to consider your water quality. The mother-to-be’s health has never been more important than right now and she will need to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and healthy. The last thing you want is for microbes or other contaminants in your tap water to cause illness, unnecessary nausea, or complications with the pregnancy.

And, of course, bringing that bundle of joy home, they will need to be surrounded by the freshest and cleanest water the parents can provide. From bath time to formula mix, depending on how you raise your baby, it’s vital that your home water be absolutely clean to welcome a new little family member.

2) Bringing an Elderly Relative Into Your Home


Likewise, bringing an older family member into your home comes with similar concerns for their health and welbeing. Elderly people need to work hard to stay hydrated and also often have an easier time drinking straight tap water than the younger generations. But as a result, you need to be particularly aware if there is anything in your tap water that could put your elderly relative’s health at risk. Lead, rust, microbes, even hard water molecules can cause problems over time.

3) Household Experiences Recurring Illness


Then there are situations where you know something must be wrong, and your water is the most likely culprit. When one or more members of your household continue to get the same kind of illness over and over, the problem is very likely to be an environmental factor in the home rather than an actual bug you just keep passing around. And believe it or not, the problem could be in your tap water. Whole-home filtration ensures that no microbes or bacteria in the local water supply can put your family at risk.

4) You Know Your Taps Run Hard Water


Finally, there are homes where the taps run incredibly hard water. You know this is true for your home if you are constantly scrubbing ‘scale’  or ‘water residue’ off of your tubs, sinks, and counters. Water, pure H2O does not leave a residue. That residue is actually heavy-but-harmless minerals like extra calcium and magnesium in your water. And while it can’t hurt you directly, it can lower the quality of your house, showers, dishwasher, and even your laundry over time.

Home Water Filtration is the Answer

If any of these circumstances apply directly to your life, then a single filtering pitcher in the fridge isn’t gonna cut it for home water health and safety. To protect the health-sensitive members of your household or to eliminate an ongoing health problem related to the water, what you will need is a whole-home water filtration system. This takes out all the nasty stuff that’s still in your water when it comes out of the treatment plant, that it picked up going through miles of municipal pipe, or whatever comes up from the bottom of your well.

For more insights on how whole-home water filtration can help you and your family, contact us today!



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