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When I search “Salt Free Water Softeners” on Google, one of the menu items that pops up references a scam. What’s that about?

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Do you have hard water? There’s only one way to find out and that’s with a water test. if it turns out that you have hard water or another dangerous contaminant present in your water, you need to install a water softener system. While most people would never think of hiring an unlicensed surgeon to operate on them, there are some homeowners who use unlicensed plumbers to install a water softener just to save money. Don’t let an unlicensed plumber convince you that they’re just as qualified and proficient as a licensed plumber. If you’re thinking of installing a water softener, here are 5 risks linked with hiring an unlicensed contractor and why you should only hire a water softening company with a plumbing license!


1. Damage to Your Home and Health

When you let an unlicensed contractor install a water softener, you stand the risk of leaky pipes and improper fittings, which can significantly damage your house. The worst-case scenario is that your house could flood. Furthermore, a faulty installation of water treatment equipment can result in contaminating your drinking water, which can lead to serious, ongoing health problems.

2. The Cost of Hiring Additional Services to Fix Problems

Just because an unlicensed plumber gives you a lower bid on a job doesn’t mean it will cost you less money as cheaper doesn’t always mean better. One of the main reasons you should never hire an unlicensed plumber is because of the delicacy of a plumbing system. Consider how an unlicensed plumber who may lack the skills, training and experience necessary to install a water softener, can easily damage your plumbing. Thus, your plumbing system can be susceptible to serious risks that could result in damages that can mean having to pay big bucks for making needed repairs.

3. No Protection from Insurance

When you hire an unlicensed plumber, you will not be protected by insurance. There are two types of insurance: liability and workers’ compensation. Both kinds of insurance are designed for protecting you, as a homeowner, from having to pay for damages done by a plumber.

Consider that unlicensed contractors don’t take on liability. Therefore, if you hire an unlicensed plumber who makes a mistake, you’re not protected, meaning you’re responsible for the cost of repairs. Also, homeowners’ insurance doesn’t cover damages caused by unlicensed contractors. What’s more, you can expect to see an increase in your insurance rates.

4. A Lack of Training and Experience

Usually, unlicensed plumbers lack the adequate training and experience that licensed plumbers have. Often, they only see what’s visible rather than knowing what’s occurring within all your pipes. On the other hand, a highly trained, skilled and experienced licensed plumber is more able to know what will happen if you ignore a problem, besides know how to fix it by using different methods. The more training and experience plumbers have, the more likely their predictions and treatments are correct.

5. Not Getting the Proper Permits

Years ago, water softeners were excused from specific requirements since the exchange tank wasn’t connected directly to sewage or water lines. However, this is not the case now due to changes in water softener designs. Today’s newer water softeners typically have filtration and softening parts tied to a sewer line.

Although you may be able to get an unlicensed plumber to service these systems, you still can’t obtain the proper permits needed to correctly install your water softener so that it’s according to code. This means you’ll be risking your health to severe health problems if you have a poorly installed water softener system.

Other Considerations and Warnings

  • Having a licensed plumber install your water softener can give you financial security.
  • There are several “red lights” that can suggest you may need a professional water softener service, such as noting yellowish stains on freshly-washed clothing. Other signs include foul smelling or bad-tasting water, scale accumulation on fixtures and appliances and having a difficult time trying to lather soap. 
  • Water softeners must meet certain codes from the Department of Public Health, requiring that only a licensed plumber should install this type of equipment.
  • If your unlicensed plumber is injured while working for you, you’ll be responsible for paying medical bills.

These are just a few of the many reasons why you should only hire a water softener company that has their plumbing license. You can depend on our water softener technicians as we have been serving Northern New Jersey for many years! We have a proven reputation for successfully treating all types of water conditions, ranging from hard water correction and iron removal to UV protection, reverse osmosis and whole house water filtration. Please contact us today to set up a free water test and softener installation!



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