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Protecting Your Water Quality in the Fall

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A man removing fallen leaves from his home's gutter

Autumn is a beautiful time of year. The air becomes crisp and clear. The leaves change colors to red, orange, and brilliant yellow-gold. There’s nothing more signature to autumn than trees, lawns, and streets completely covered in falling leaves. However, these leaves do have an interesting impact on the local ecosystem that is not necessarily good for your drinking water. Read on to learn how leaves can affect water quality, and what you can do to maintain your water system during this wonderful season. 

How Autumn Leaf Fall Affects Water Quality

  • Leaves deposit nitrogen and phosphorus into the water supply.
  • Algae grow from extra nitrogen and phosphorus.
  • Algae leave bacteria in the water and remove oxygen. 

Leaves are part of the natural life cycle for local flora. They deposit more nitrogen and phosphorus in the water supply, which promotes the growth of algae. Unfortunately, algae make drinking water less ideal for humans by reducing the oxygen and depositing certain bacteria.

The real challenge is that filtering out algae and bacteria is an unusually intense and costly process for our water filtration plants, which means a little more gets through than would be ideal. Local wells are also at risk, just like larger water sources, and will need to be more closely monitored, cleaned, and maintained in the fall. We can all do our part to keep the local drinking water safe with leaf management, water filtration, and water quality awareness.

How Safe Is Drinking Water in the Fall?

Autumn water is mostly safe to drink and most people do not notice the effects. However, some people will have a negative response to the increased bacteria or phosphorus in the water. Vulnerable members of the family like babies and those with serious medical conditions may be sensitive both to the increased nitrogen and phosphorus levels or the algae-deposited bacteria.

The best way to keep your home drinking water consistently clean and safe throughout the year is a home water filtration system. Filtering water just before it reaches your taps will work no matter how the local ecosystem shifts or plumbing architecture may change outside your home.

One system that runs your water through several filters is the best solution to give yourself the convenience of tap water and the safety of a high-end multi-stage filter to deal with a wide variety of potential contaminants throughout the year.

Have Your Home’s Water Tested

The first step in deciding what water filtration system to install is to test your water, especially in the fall when storms and dissolving leaves may negatively impact your water quality. Have your home water professionally tested to examine the total particles found in the water. Then decide the size and power of the water filter you’d like installed.

From that point, be sure to keep up with the recommended maintenance schedule to ensure that your filtration unit is fully functional and keeping your water at the maximum clarity and safety level at all times. Regular tune-ups are a good idea for any large home appliance, and you can have your water softener and water heater maintained at the same time for an overall boost in your quality of life.

Fall Water Quality and Safety

Water quality awareness is important during the fall, but leaves are also a natural part of the ecosystem. In fact, the best way to help manage the problem is to mulch leaves back into your soil where their nitrogen and phosphorus will rejoin the ecosystem in a slow, non-impactful way. Your local water treatment plant may not have the resources to handle the leaf overload, but you can. With water testing and a water filter installed in-line, you can ensure that every tap and shower faucet is flowing clean, algae- and nitrogen-free water.

Contact us today to schedule your first water testing and filtration unit placement consultation. When you’re ready, we’ll help you choose the right unit for your home’s utility space and install your water filtration system in-line with the water main. Let us help you maintain clean water at home for every season.



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