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7 Reasons to Go Into the New Year with a Water Filtration System

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Many strenuous New Year’s resolutions often include being more mindful of what you put in your body. Over the years, cleaner water has become a great concern, especially to those with small children in the home. Many would assume turning on the faucet to get a glass of water would not be a safety concern; unfortunately, these assumptions are wrong. Here are 7 reasons you have needed and will need a water filter going into the New Year.

Water Filters Reduce Toxins

Did you know that the water you are drinking directly from the tap can have a variety of toxins in it? Tap water can carry as many 2000 different chemicals. Water filters are designed to eliminate this health risk. The filters also eliminate pesticides along with pharmaceutical residues that might be lingering in your water.

Reduces the Birth Defect Rate

Certain nitrates that are in tap water can cause damage to the fetus. However, it can also cause damage to an infant through their formula. The contamination results in methemoglobinemia or “baby blue” disease. The disease is life-threatening because it reduces the blood’s ability to circulate oxygen throughout the body. Nitrates are colorless and odorless, and they are not harmful until ingested.

Healthier Hair and Skin

Dry and brittle hair is a big problem for a range of people. But, when using unfiltered water, hair problems grow for a larger population. Individuals who have the most problems with damaged hair are those who have chemically treated hair, fine hair, and colored hair. Chlorine is the number one contaminate in a household’s water supply. It is harsh on hair and affects the skin negatively, causing it to feel itchy and dry. When the water is filtered, the hair looks shiny and has luster, accompanied by skin feeling smoother and healthier.

Safer Baby Formula

If you have a little one, you want to do all you can to keep your baby safe. Making a baby’s bottle of formula requires the use of water. If you are using tap water, you want it to be clean and safe. Tap water often carries germs and bacteria that might not ordinarily affect an adult the way it affects an infant. To prevent your infant from being exposed to bacteria in your home’s water, you need to have a water filtration system to keep your baby safe.

Improved Air Quality

Are you tired of smelling chlorine in the air when you use the water in your home? Water filters vaporize the chlorine and other toxin smells that invade the air when the water is turned on.

Fewer Headaches

Headaches have several causes, but the tap water in your home might be one of them. If you are experiencing headaches often, there could be toxins in your drinking water supply. Since the brain is made of about 78 percent water, the body needs a certain daily amount of water, but this supply needs to be clean and free of the numerous toxins it can contain. Unfortunately, arsenic in tap water can lead to skin and health problems.

Feel Better

Unfiltered tap water contains a lot of pollution, dust, and other impurities. These impurities cause digestive problems along with a series of health risks, which are only the beginning of the long-term effects. However, using a good water filtration system will eliminate the problem. Who knew that even in today’s world, we must still be cautious with what is going on with our water supply? Being mindful of what goes into the body today will impact our health for tomorrow. So, having a filtration system is just as important as any food or drink going into your body.

To find out more about supplying your family with cleaner and healthier water, contact us. You can schedule an appointment to have someone come out and get you started with a water filtration system today.



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