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Why is Hard Water Such a Problem?

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Are you aware of the impact your drinking water has on your health? Having access to healthy drinking water affects people throughout the world, whether they are using a protected or unprotected form for their daily needs. What’s more, finding clean water for home use is a challenge in many communities, especially in the face of the global water shortage. Surprisingly, many people use drinking systems that draw upon reclaimed/recycled water, groundwater that gets treated n their home, or desalinized water. We know that there are numerous homeowners who must treat their hard water to remove deposits of elements such as magnesium and calcium living right here in New Jersey. This occurs usually because there is a buildup of limestone in their soil. Although you and your family members may not be drinking hard water directly, you may use it to wash dishes, prepare foodstuffs, or brush your teeth. Get the facts about the water in your home.

Why Hard Water Deserves Your Attention

On the surface, hard water has the obvious effects of staining sinks, showers, toilets, bathtubs, and fixtures. It can also damage pipes and cause discoloration to clothes and linens that you prefer to wash at home. What you may not know are the health effects of hard water for human beings, and that’s why we took the time to share these facts from the National Institutes of Health. There are some studies that show that hard water is associated with a protective effect of magnesium against cardiovascular mortality, but higher magnesium isn’t definitely the cause. Many studies actually show health benefits for people who drink hard water because it provides extra magnesium and calcium, which they don’t consume enough of in other foods and beverages. Particularly, extra magnesium and calcium help humans to get relief from constipation, mainly because these elements make it easier for the intestine to get rid of extra bile and fats in the form of bowel movements. This report suggests that people treating their water can get it tested to ensure that they have the appropriate amounts of magnesium and calcium, which could give them the health benefits some studies have found.

Water Testing is Key

It is possible for any type of groundwater that you treat in your home to contain too low or too high levels of anything, whether we’re discussing minerals, bacteria, fertilizers, or pesticides. When you own a home in New Jersey, it’s best to ask a local water company to test your water directly from the faucet. A testing provider can determine if the alkalinity of the water is appropriate for drinking and whether any other contaminants are present. You only want to use clean water with the right chemical qualities in your home. That’s the only way to protect your health and that of your family members.

It’s Easier Than You Think for Existing Water Treatment Systems to Break Down

Sometimes, New Jersey homeowners are content with their current water treatment system. Upon a routine inspection, a water system’s mechanical components may appear to be working. You may find it necessary to test the water and to add an appropriate “salt” product once per month. You may have to scrub out the container that houses the salt and put the occasional chlorine tablet in your large water tank. However, a system may be conditioning your water and producing a final form that is not best for your health.

We want to answer all of your questions about the different kinds of water treatment systems that work in your New Jersey home. We can test your home’s water and then estimate the cost of installing or improving a treatment system that consistently delivers good drinking water. For more details, please contact us and talk to our water experts today.



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