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Hard Water Challenges and Solutions

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Water is one of the essential commodities in every household, and ensuring that the water you use at home is safe is critical. The quality of your home water depends on the source and the treatment it receives before getting into your house. Unfortunately, hard water may find its way into your home for one reason or another, which will affect various fixtures and your health as well.

Some of the things you will discover if your home relies on hard water include blue or green stains on your plumbing fixtures, stains or a white film on stainless steel, porcelain, enamel, tiles, among others, as well as brownish or black stains on sinks, bathroom fixtures, and dishes. Here are some of the challenges you will encounter as a result of using hard water at home.

Irritation and Filming on Your Skin

Taking a shower with hard water and soap will do you more harm than good because it will not get rid of dirt and bacteria from your skin. In that case, you will often experience irritation and filming on your skin after bathing with hard water.

Dull and Lifeless Hair

If maintaining your hair is part of your priorities, then hard water is a no-go zone for you. The reason is that hard water causes a build-up on your hair, which makes it tangle, feel rough, and look dull.

Clogging of Showerheads

Has the water pressure from your shower been reducing significantly over time? If your answer to this question is yes, mineral deposits are probably blocking your showerhead. Hard water causes a build-up of deposits on showerheads, which eventually obstruct the flow of water from your shower.

Difficulties in Cleaning Various Surfaces


When hard water dries, it leaves deposits known as lime scales. Cleaning lime scales is challenging because they can cause chemical reactions that hamper the effectiveness of cleaning products.

Increased Energy Consumption

The cost of energy is part of the expenditures that can increase your monthly spending considerably. Hard water has a direct impact on your energy bill because it causes lime scale build-up on your water heater, which reduces its lifespan, lengthens the period it takes to heat water, and consequently increases your electricity bill.

Spots and Streaks

It is quite hard to convince someone that your dishes and glasses are clean when they have streaks or a cloudy film on them. Hard water leaves your dishes with ugly spots that may not be a health risk, but are difficult to remove, and they are embarrassing as well.

Once you realize that hard water is what you use at home, you can decide to change the source, but that may not be practical within urban developments and other locations, or it may prove expensive. For that reason, finding ways to ensure that hard water becomes consumable and reducing or eliminating its adverse effects within your house is paramount. Some of the remedies for hard water include:

1. Testing The Quality of Your Water

Countering the effects of hard water in your home beforehand is advisable, and that is why you should consider testing your water first. You can schedule a free water test with us today!

If you sense a metallic taste or the smell of rotten eggs in your home water, it means that it is not fit for use.  Contacting an expert can give you the right remedies for hard water after performing the necessary tests.

2. Installing Water Softening Equipment

Treating hard water right from the source is a wise idea because it eliminates stain-causing minerals before the water gets into your home’s plumbing system. Installing water softening equipment at the source will ensure that the water coming from the taps inside your house is safe for use.

If you need more information on hard water challenges and solutions, contact us today!



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