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Hiss Crackle Pop – How Hard Water Destroys your Hot Water Heater

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If you’re hearing that popping sound or something similar, it most likely means calcium and magnesium deposits are gathering in the bottom of your hot water heater.

These minerals cling to the inside of the tank and build up into what is called scale. All of this gunk can collect on the bottom creating enough space in between the heating element and the water itself, thus compromising both supply and efficiency. Not only does this cause you to get less hot water, but it also means your gas or electric bill will be more expensive. Any surface containing scale is more prone to drastic heat increases and as it gets hotter, expansion occurs which may lead to cracks.

One of the most telltale signs that hard water may be impacting and possibly damaging your hot water heater are noises. If any hissing, crackling or popping sounds are coming from your tank, there is most likely scale build up. These noises are caused from air trapped under the sediment. As the water heats, the air trapped beneath the sediment begins to boil pressing up against the sediment. The sounds you hear are escaping water bubbles. Sorta like a pot over-boiling and pushing off the lid.

If you’re hot water heater is hissing crackling or popping, it’s time to call in a pro to better understand what’s going on. It could be a result of very hard water. In which case a water softening system is ideal for your home. If ignored, the weight of the sediment will press the tank’s tiny fishers to capacity, and the tank will “go” creating a flood in your basement.

Best case is to be proactive and call today for a free water test to determine if the water in your home is destroying your appliances. If so, having a water softener installed will help to avoid replacing your next hot water heater before it is time.



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