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How do I get rid of this crusty white stuff on my faucet?

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Odds are the white buildup you are seeing on your faucet or showerhead is excess calcium as a result of hard water. The bad news is that it can be ruining your plumbing fixtures and appliances! The good news is that it can be permanently fixed.

Eliminate calcium buildup once and for all!

The fact is, certain sections of northern New Jersey are especially susceptible to hard water and calcium buildup. In addition to the discomfort you can experience from showering and washing with hard water (not to mention the nasty white spots left behind on your eating utensils), the white residue left by calcium and other minerals can clog plumbing fixtures in the shower, dishwasher, sink, and anywhere else that water flows. And that’s only what you can see on the surface. Just imagine what the inside of your pipes look like!

Temporary solutions such as off-the-shelf “de-limers” or home-made concoctions like white vinegar and baking soda can help mediate the problem on your fixtures and appliances temporarily; and products such as muriatic acid can help break through tougher buildups – but who wants to flush out their water heater and other plumbing fixtures with dangerous acids?

The only permanent fix for this nasty problem is a state-of-the-art water softener. Passaic Bergen Water Softening can install a water softener system in your home or business that solves the calcium residue problem while it reduces metals and other hard ions in your water, leaving you with cleaner, better operating plumbing fixtures and pipes, as well as cleaner skin, clothing, and dinnerware, glasses and utensils.

So don’t let calcium buildup damage your plumbing and key appliances any longer. Passaic Bergen Water Softening’s complete water softening system includes all tanks and components expertly installed and maintained, as well as excellent warranties on all parts.

Be sure to take advantage of our FREE water test. It’s the best way to find out exactly what’s causing your water problems. Call 800.955.8476 or just bring a water sample into one of our retail stores in Newfoundland (West Milford) or Wyckoff.



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