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How Water Purification Changes your Life for the Better

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It’s no secret; our tap water is generally filled with foreign toxins/chemicals that are unrecognized by our body. In New Jersey, specifically, toxic chemicals were found in dozens of neighborhoods over the past couple of years.

Luckily, New Jersey has recently become the first state to pass regulation for toxins in drinking water, however, we as consumers can do better for our health while the politics are all figured out: by investing in a water purification system.

Here are some benefits that a water purification, or water filter, system will provide for both or health, and quality of life:

1. Healthier Food

Let’s remember; nature is interconnected. If you eat a fruit that has been out in the open too long, oxygenation will do a number on your sweet-treat. As a result, it could end up becoming over ripe and have brown, pruned looking scars that are not edible. The same goes for your water.

What is in your food will be in you. Treat your food, and your body, better by using purified water to clean, wash and rinse your fruits/veggies/legumes/produce. No one wants contaminates, bacteria, chlorine, etc. in something they will ingest! Plus, it’ll taste better!

2. Organic; from the Earth

Well, you’re not exactly getting fresh water from a spring in Maine –not all of us are so lucky — however, you will be getting as close as you can with a quality water filter system.

When you begin eating and drinking purely, your body will react. It will improve your skin, energy, and overall health by removing all that gunk you’re ingesting. Plus, you’ll feel more connected with yourself and your surroundings, allowing you to feel more grounded and frankly good about yourself. Everyone likes to treat themselves, why not do it more often? Like when you drink and eat!

It’s about returning to the basics of what mother earth intended for humans. Your body and mind will respond in appreciation by your respectful gestures.

3. Tap Water is Filled with More Harm Than We Realize

We’ve already mentioned that water is loaded with chlorine, bacteria, and general waste not intended for human consumption. Though many of us get by drinking it, how much can our immune systems really tolerate ingesting these toxins as the tears pass?

According to the NRDC — an organization with several experts looking to progress, positively, our environmental, communal, energy, health and wildlife — United States tap water:

Has water systems in every state that violates the Environmental Protection Agency’s Safe Drinking Water Act
15% of people may have dangerous contaminated tap water in their homes
Those who are most at-risk for having a contaminated/toxic water supply system are those in smaller, more rural areas
The study points out that, though generally most tap water is drinkable, that is not necessarily the point. Much of our tap water is littered with contaminants that our body does not need, and does not want, yet many of us do not consider, or even realize it. It is a problem that can only improve by being proactive towards our health.


4. A New You

Often times, people become stuck, or unhappy with where they are in life. Well, at that point it’s time to change things up. Allowing yourself to delve into a healthier lifestyle is a great way to start living a better, healthier, more grounded and focused life.

Consider a water softening system, water purification system, a water filter, as a part of those steps to improve the quality of your health, and mind. Know that you’re doing something good for yourself on a daily basis with clean, fresh, hydrating water, free from compounds that can harm your well-being, and keep you from performing at top-notch.

Do yourself a favor, and take the next step in a healthier life. If you’re in the Northern Jersey area, and want to speak with a representative who can help you get started today, please contact us.



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