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5 Kitchen Experience Improvements with Home Water Filtration

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Every feature of your kitchen creates the total cooking experience. The handles on your faucet, the quality of your stove, the height of your counters, even the direction in which your cabinets open can shape enjoyment in the kitchen. This is doubly true when it comes to the quality of your tap water. We cook with tap water every day. Even people who drink bottled water regularly still fill their soup pots and pasta water from the tap.

You likely make coffee or mix lemonade from tap water, and add tap water to baking, when the recipe calls for it. So the quality of your tap water can determine everything from the taste to the color of your food and how easy it is to clean up afterward.

Today, we’re diving into the benefits of home water filtration and how pre-filtered tap water can significantly improve your home kitchen experience.

Remove Rust from Your Recipes

First of all, if your taps run rust, water filtration will fix that right up. Rusty water tends to be yellow, orange, or red. It stains dishware and countertops and sinks. Rust in your water also makes food and drinks darker, creating an unpleasantly bitter taste. With home water filtration, you can stop worrying about rust from the municipal pipes or iron from your local rock content.

Fresh Taste by Eliminating Unpleasant Flavors

There are all sorts of things in tap water that can add an unpleasant or suspicious taste. A metallic taste might be minerals from the ground. A sour taste could be mold growing inside pipes somewhere along the way. A bitter taste, as we mentioned, might be iron and rust. A home filtering unit will take out all of these concerns, making your water taste clear and clean for both drinking and cooking.

Clean Smelling Water Without Contaminants

The smell of your water also matters. No doubt, you’ve heard the news stories about water in some areas with a sulfur smell that lights on fire. Your taps probably aren’t as bad, but there might be a slight sour, musty, or sharp mineral smell that can indicate something more than H2O in your tap water. These smells can seriously put a home chef off their cooking and might even throw off the aroma of your recipes. By filtering your water before it reaches the faucets, you ensure that unpleasant pipe smells never reach your kitchen.

Softened Water with No Chalky Residue

Another major challenge in the kitchen is fighting water scale. That chalky build-up inside your pots, on the sink, and around the faucet is a type of mineral deposit. It is left behind when “hard water” (tap water full of minerals) dries on a surface. Water softening, as part of your water filtration system, removes those extra minerals so that your water stops leaving chalky white residue on everything.

Not only will this make your food taste better, but it will also make your after-cooking cleanup so much easier. No scrubbing white residue or worrying about water spots, which takes us to the last point:

Dishwasher Produces Spotless Glassware

Water spots on your beautiful glassware is the bane of all dishwasher owners. Of course, you want glasses to be cabinet-ready when the washer stops, but those mysterious white spots are always there. That is scale from hard water, from when the water dries on the glass during the heat-dry cycle. Instead of having to polish every glass or constantly top-up your JetDry, filter your home’s water to never see another water spot again. Your glassware will look spotless every time.

If you want to improve your kitchen experience, from enjoying your cooking to the final taste-test, installing home water filtration is a great solution. Water will be clean, clear, and delicious from the tap. Contact us today to consult on water filtration for your home.



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