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The Importance of Water Purification in New Jersey

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New Jersey is a wonderful state with plenty of breath-taking acreage full of forests, wild life, farms, and waterways.

Our drinking water is streamed to us from different waterways throughout the state including open reservoir basins, underground wells, rivers, streams and lakes. New Jersey offers a bounty of boundless, magnificent bodies of water for us to enjoy.

Considering the amount of water tributaries contributing to what comes out of our faucets, it’s always a very sensible idea to understand what’s happening to your water before you grab a glass and let it flow.

The Waterways in New Jersey provide drinking water to over 4 million people and provide opportunities for sport fishing and swimming, serve farm irrigation and industrial needs. Water has always been an integral part of New Jersey’s environment, and it needs to be carefully overseen and cared for in order to insure we have enough clean water to sustain us in the future.

National studies tell us it is less expensive and simply easier to preserve clean water than it is to treat polluted water.

image004So what’s in the water that we may need to concern ourselves with? Considering the filtration and treatment facilities in our towns, most likely not much; however, there’s nothing unsound about fortifying the purification system with a water filtration system for your home.

Runoff is inevitable and consequently, everything absorbed by the soil is eventually eroded and washed into our waterways. There are 3 major contributing pollutants to your water – those being, sediments from farms, construction sites and eroded steam banks, bacteria from combined sewer outfalls, untreated sewage and runoff from pets, wildlife and farm animals and finally nutrients from fertilizers used for agriculture and lawns, animal waste, sewage treatment plants and failing septic systems.

It just happens and has been happening. Our towns are cleaning and filtering our water to provide us with the safest water possible, but certainly, fortifying their efforts with an in-home filtration system will only bring a sense of confidence and peace of mind when you fill your glass with clear, cold H2O.

The key is to enjoy and preserve not only the beauty of New Jersey’s waterways but to insure the water is protected by how we introduce inorganic products into the environment. Let’s do what we can to keep our waters safe and clean.



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