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4 Questions to Ask Your Water Softener Service

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If you have well water, chances are that you’ve had your fill of damage to the pipes, fixtures, or laundry. Or, maybe you’re tired of finding extra deposits in your hair or smelling a funny odor when you’re taking a bath. You will probably choose a water softener service because you want the water to smell and taste pleasant and to protect the integrity of your home’s plumbing. It’s important to find a water softener company that is affordable, that comes out to your home on time, that doesn’t charge extra fees, and that answers your questions to your satisfaction. The alternative is to hire a company with poor workmanship, or worse, whose technicians will try to sell you parts or services that aren’t needed. At Passaic Bergen Water Service, we believe that your experience with a water softener service should always be pleasant just like your well water. That being said, here are 4 questions to ask your local technician (or even the office staff):

#1. Is my water softener set to cycle enough times per day for my water to be soft?

The water softener will only run as many times in 24 hours as the previous technician programmed it to perform on the control panel. There is a motherboard beneath the control panel (where you see the LED display) that controls the cycling of the water softener. The only way that you would ever think about changing this component or resetting it is if there is a power outage or if the control panel gets exposed to the elements. Rain seeping inside the housing of the motherboard will quickly ruin it. Replacing the motherboard could cost more than $100.

#2. Do I need to change the settings on the softener to accommodate the people in my household?

When you moved into the home and purchased the water softener, it was set to provide a certain volume of softened water per day. If the number of people in your household changes, then ask your technician to adjust the setting to accommodate the current demand for water.  

#3. Is there a newer model or type of softener that will give me better water quality?

Each water softener has a lifespan of ten to fifteen years when properly maintained. Extra exposure to the elements or not replacing the salt in the brine tank could cause the unit to age faster than normal. Furthermore, water softener technology improves each year. If you want to keep your water and electricity costs at efficient levels, then consider whether now is the time to replace the softener. Some homeowners will consider investing in a different kind of softener because they desire better water quality. If you don’t drink the water anyway or use it to wash laundry, you may still be satisfied with the current system. 

#4. How often do I need to clean the tanks?

Each kind of water softener has its own respective components. However, a common water softener system has a mineral tank and a brine tank. The mineral tank is the larger container where the water fills up. The brine tank is where you or the technician must keep the salt at an acceptable level or the system won’t work according to its design. Cleaning out all tanks that aggregate bugs, leaves, and other debris (i.e. algae or mildew along the sides) should be part of regular salt service.


We hope you’re satisfied with your New Jersey water softener service, especially knowing you’re receiving the best quality for your money. For more information about salt service or evaluating the condition of the present water softener, please contact us today.



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