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Why Rental Properties Should Have Whole House Water Filtration Systems And Water Softeners

Published by Passaic Bergen Water Softening on

For Rent

Property management professionals have many things to consider when getting their properties ready for tenants. They want it to be attractive to anyone looking for a new place, and they want it to be easy for you to maintain. This is true whether you rent your property to businesses or to private individuals. Another thing that is true of both types of tenants is that both you and they will benefit from the property having whole house water filtration systems.

Great Selling Point

Good, clean water appeals to everyone, and most people have learned that softened water helps preserve clothes, cuts down on the use of soap, and is easier on the skin. They will like that your rental property offers those amenities to them.

Some parties will find this selling point particularly attractive: Parents are enthusiastic about it as they want the best for their babies and are already losing a lot of money on soap and clothes. Businesses that sell food and beverages will love water filtration because it improves their products and saves them money on their equipment.

Reassure Tenants

Northern New Jersey residents care about their water quality, and they will worry about it if they don’t have a reason not to. The whole house filtration system will reassure them that their water is as clean as it is getting. They will like not having to worry about this and will get along better with you as a result. Businesses will appreciate being able to reassure their clients about their products. This peace of mind will help them prosper, which leads to better renter-owner relations.

Reduces Maintenance Costs

Hard water and unfiltered water are hard on appliances. They are hard on plants as well, and can cause trouble with the plumbing. If your rental agreement includes clauses that make you responsible for any landscaping or maintenance costs, a water filtration system will ultimately save you a lot on the time and money you spend on repairing your rental property. Even if you aren’t on the hook for landscaping and plumbing directly, you will save indirectly when your renters save on appliances. They can pass those savings along to you in the form of timely rental payments and good relations with them.

Contributes to the Longevity of Your Rental Agreements

Rental property landlords face a problem with turnover, as they lose money between renters. It therefore behooves you to encourage tenants to stay as long as possible. A whole house water filtration system helps this in a couple of ways. The tenant saves money which they can spend on rent, and the tenant stays happy with the home longer as everything runs along smoothly. Of course, this is something they don’t want to lose by moving out.

Helps The Renter Clean The Home

The ideal tenant is a clean tenant. They leave less for you to clean up after, they bother the neighbors less so you don’t have to hear about them, and they reduce any maintenance work that needs to be done on the house. Since it is easier to clean with pure, softened water, renters are more likely to clean.

Passaic Bergen Water Softening understands the needs of renters and rentals, and that is why we provide our services to commercial and retail enterprises. We can rent out filtration units with 0% interest plans, and we provide a variety of solutions for clients. We give same-day service, and 24/7 emergency services, as well as automatic salt delivery. If you are a property management professional, we can help you, so contact us for more information at any time.



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