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Reverse Osmosis Water System – The Purest Stuff on Earth

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dinosaur-sauropods-wading_127947When we think about our drinking water, can we honestly say that we are drinking the same water our prehistoric ancestors drank? Yes, we are. Well, at least some of it still remains today.

The differences in the drinking water from then until now are part science and part human nature. Science explains that through the natural cycle of water, photosynthesis and other biological scenarios, some but not all the water from the prehistoric times still exists today. However, because of the influences of human nature on our drinking water, such as pesticides, pharmaceuticals dumped in the drain, water running through pipes for long-periods of time all effect the chemical balance of what was once pure drinking water.


So, considering the purity of yesteryears’ water, how do we experience what our ancestors and those prehistoric animals had the opportunity to once enjoy?

Enter Reverse Osmosis

First, let’s explain osmosis. Water can move across cell membranes because of osmosis. Simply stated osmosis is the movement of water from a less concentrated solution to a more concentrated solution through a partially permeable membrane. Water molecules because of pressure and temperature can be pressed to move through the semi-permeable membrane leaving behind the other unwanted particles (or molecules).


In terms of drinking water the process of reverse osmosis insures that all impurities and other molecules other than H2O are separated providing you with the purest water possible.

Pros and Cons

Reverse osmosis as a drinking water refinement option isn’t for everyone. The system provides such comprehensive filtering that the water’s pure taste is unfamiliar; hence, it tastes ‘different’.  There are many options for insuring your water is properly filtered.  Reverse osmosis is just one of them.reverse-osmosis-filtersConversely, purists and those with a discerning water taste bud, identify water processed through a reverse osmosis system as the best stuff on earth.



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