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What is Hard Water?

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5-stage reverse osmosis system

5-stage reverse osmosis system

A reverse osmosis filter can effectively remove many impurities and harmful contaminants from your tap water, whether you install a whole house system or a localized tank under your kitchen sink to treat only your drinking water, reverse osmosis is one of the most effective methods of purifying water, greatly improving your home’s drinking, cooking, cleaning and washing needs.

No matter where your water comes from (a well or cistern, surface water such as a lake, or municipal water), your water supply may be full of excess minerals and all sorts of harmful contaminants. Excess minerals yield harder water and contaminated water is often the cause of illness in family members and pets. Reverse osmosis will not only give you safer, better tasting water, it will eliminate many parasites, viruses, cysts and grit at your water supply – while letting healthy natural salts and minerals pass through. Reverse osmosis will also remove nitrates, chromium and mercury, so you can enjoy ultra-filtered water from your faucet while eliminating bottled water costs and delivery once and for all, and never change another tap filter.

Reverse osmosis systems work by running your water through a series of micro-pore membrane filters that lets water molecules pass through but blocks and removes larger particles and contaminants, such as parasites and viruses which the system automatically flushes down the drain, leaving you with filtered water that’s safer and better for you.

When it comes to finding the best solution for whole house or localized water filtration, reverse osmosis is the way to go. At Passaic Bergen Water Softening, we specialize in the service and installation of reverse osmosis filters for your home or office. Ask us about a reverse osmosis system for your home. We’ll see to it that your new system is up and running and functioning like clockwork.



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