Providing soft water for people can become a passion. After all, removing hardness from a family’s water supply makes their hair and skin softer, their appliances last longer, and their home easier to clean. This is why Passaic Bergen Water Softening deals with WaterCare®. They are a company that shares our passion and commitment to providing homeowners with clean, safe water!

Improved On Common Water Softening Techniques

Water conditioners come in many variants, but WaterCare uses two main systems. The first is the Total Care model, a system that pulls hard water through a control valve to a medium of resin. The positively-charged ions of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and manganese attach themselves to the resin by changing places with sodium ions.

This is a pretty common system, but WaterCare has given their water conditioning some tweaks that make it better for your health. See, eventually the resin fills up with the undesirable elements and it has to be washed with brine to replace the calcium with sodium. Total Care systems uses conditioned water to make this brine so the pipes stay clean and the resin is efficiently regenerated. They also use a dry fill process to fill their brine tanks in the first step in recharging the ions, which makes it less likely that the salt will create a crust, called a salt bridge, at the top of the brine tank. Salt bridges are a waste of perfectly good sodium and make it hard to monitor how much salt you have to add to the conditioner.

Once the brine is made, the system gently agitates the resin to kick loose the unwanted minerals before recharging the resin with brine water that they have disinfected. Everything gets a final rinse in the end so that your water softener is pristine.

These improvements in recharging keeps Total Care water softeners doing their job longer and makes sure that your water is extra healthful to use.

Provides A Water Softener That Skips The Salt

The second variant on water softener that WaterCare uses is more specialized and has the benefit of using no salt. Their whole house filtration system, the Ion Pro, uses a space of pressurized air at the top of the filter to oxidize the undesirable minerals and pulls them out of the water as it goes through it. The particles then get caught in their filtration media, letting the softened water flow on into your house without further ado. This dome of air is slowly released when the sensor in the softener decides the filter needs a rinse, and the old air and contaminants are gently pushed down the drain. After agitating and rinsing out the filtration media, the water softener draws in new air to replenish what was used in oxidizing the unwanted minerals. You even have the option with some Ion Pro systems to use ozone in the air dome so that it disinfects as well as softens, giving your family extra protection.

This method eliminates the sodium that gets in your water from most other types of water softeners, and the fewer steps keeps your water softener working longer.


Has A History Of Excellence

These special improvements to the average water softener system have come through WaterCare’s 60 years of experience in providing water treatment products. What started out as a small operation that made tanks and supplies for locals is now supporting a national network of dealers and is starting to grow an international base. They also provide classes for dealers that cover the fundamentals of water and the most advanced techniques for water treatment, which shows a desire to provide water at its best.

Passaic Bergen Water Softening shares WaterCare’s commitment to perfecting the water your family uses. We install their equipment with confidence, so contact us if you think your house could use one of their special water conditioners.